Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vacay day 2 – will we see the beach today?

Sleep felt so good, unfortunately we were woke up around 2 am to some very strong storms!  I don’t like storms!  The thunder was so loud, it woke Cayden up and he had to come get in bed with us bc he was scared.  So we were later than we wanted to getting up.  See, I know it’s vacation and that’s supposed to mean doing whatever and not worrying about time and sleeping in and all that but we had planned to go to the beach every morning and hang out at the campsite every afternoon.  We had a few reason for this.  First, I do not handle heat well, odd that I live in Texas and love the ocean so much, I know but it is what it is and we have to keep it in mind.  So we figured the mornings would be somewhat cooler, maybe and afternoons could be for resting.  Second, to save money on food and not be eating out the whole week, we planned to eat all meals at the campsite so we wanted to be up early enough to get to Destin have beach time and be back to eat lunch at the RV.  Well, since we got up late, we needed to change plans.  We needed to run to Publix and pick up a Sun Pass for the toll bridge we needed to cross and we wanted to run by walmart bc we didn’t bring any floaties.  Of coarse walmart took longer than expected bc well that store is just a big black hole especially with 5 children!  lol  Of coarse we thought of more things we “needed” too and didn’t know where anything was.  Then back to the RV to have lunch.  After we had to make sure all beach items were in Silver, get sunscreened and finally we were on our way, knowing we needed to be back in time for dinner.  We finally made it into Destin about 3:30 or 4 ish and then we couldn’t find the public beach access!  We finally found this one place and we parked and we walked and walked and walked, there wasn’t many people here but it was ocean and sand and we had found it!  lol.  It did have a neat sand hill to roll down!  J  We knew there had to be a better place but we still had a good time!  On our way back, we saw a better public beach access (which we haven’t used yet) and we also stopped by the State Park right there in Destin and discovered that bc we are camping at the State Park in Niceville, we get in free!  Cool!  They have lots of beach and restrooms!  Its so nice!  Then we got back to the campsite and didn’t have chili dogs bc the mustard was forgot!  We had hamburgers instead.  Mmmm.  Then we watched a movie and bedtime!  It was a good day!  J

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