Monday, May 2, 2011

some words of homeschooling wisdom

Saw this on fb and liked what she had to say, I have added my own thoughts in double parenthesis. ((like these))
Not necessarily in order.......

1. Know your State's laws on homeschooling
2. Decide how you children learn best (visual, kinesthetic.....etc..)
3. Decide what type of homeschooler you want to be (unschooler, eclectic, school at home etc..)... I find that this changes yearly at our home. ((each year unschooling sounds more appealing! lol))
4. Find some local homeschool groups for fun and support ((don't know what I would do without ours: CHEC))
5. RELAX and BREATHE :) ((I forget this quite often!))
6. Ignore all the dumb questions on how your children will be socialized. ((as if we actually wanted them "socialized"))
7. Do not rush off and purchase curriculum. There is no such thing as a perfect curriculum and they are expensive and occasionally a waste of good money. We use some......but I have purchased them at local homeschool swaps or traded. If your kiddos have special needs, it will be difficult to find the "perfect" one. I suggest you start off with the library and check out some of the amazing sites that offer it for free. We LOVE unit studies and lapbooks. Gives my son freedom to chose what he wants to learn and the I can add what we need/what I want him to learn. Loads of fun.... ((wish someone had told me this 3 yrs ago!))
8. RELAX and BREATHE LOL!! ((lest we forget! lol))
9. LOVE our local library. ((and used book sales!))
10. doesn't have to "Look" like other schools or even other homeschools. Personalize it to your families needs. ((I always forget this one! need a constant reminder))
11. Remember there will be good days and bad days. It is okay to have some bad days and just skip school. Watch an educational DVD, take a field many options. :) ((does PBS kids count as an educational DVD, and is it ok that this year we have had days and days of it?))
12. Have fun and enjoy!!! Learning should be fun! ((AMEN))
many blessings and enjoy the ride!!

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  1. This is really good. Thanks for posting, Hollie. :-)