Sunday, May 8, 2011

the terrible, horrible, very bad wal-mart trip!

I wanted to share about my nightmare trip to wal-mart a few months ago. I still can't believe the nerve of some people, they say whatever pops into their not-so-pretty little heads and don't care how it affects others. and really, you want to give a mama of 5 one more thing to worry about, really?? I thought about titling this the wal-mart trip from _ _ _ _! but wasn't sure that would sound very "Christian-like"! :) After talking with this woman I posted the desperate cry for prayer on facebook: "Please say a prayer for me! Panic attacks at WalMart are NOT fun! :(" I explained a little later after assurances of prayer were sent my way: "thank y'all so much! sometimes I wish people would just keep their diagnoses to themselves, you have never seen my child, why do you think you can tell if he is losing hair or not, seriously, my 2 yr old needs genentic testing?!?" I was absolutely floored at the audacity this lady had! I was almost in tears right there in wal-mart! We did manage to get done what we went to wal-mart for, letting Kirsten buy a vibrating toothbrush with $ she had earned and letting all the babies spend their earned $. They enjoyed that! Cayden was using a $1 ball as a seat in the buggy and Keegan was playing with dinosaurs he picked out and Kayson was sleeping away in the Moby and Glenn met us there after work. We had already been to park day and I was feeling pretty good till that happened. Here's what I posted after I got home: "Good day but after park day, a trip to WalMart with all 5 (wearing one and now hurting where my incision is) and a lady's comments that started panic attacks, I am EXHAUSTED and want to cry!" when someone asked what she said, I answered: "she was asking about kids toothpaste and then asked Kirsten's age and told her she was small, which prompted a discussion about my small boys and the endocrinologist and growth hormones to which she then told me that Keegan's hair is receding and I need to have him checked for genetic diseases!! I think Kirsten almost started crying bc she thought the lady meant cancer!! I was so tired that I started feeling panicky after that!" She really scared my baby girl and for that I just wanted to punch her! She actually reached out to show me Keegan's hair, I looked at tall the boys and Glenn after we got home and their hair ALL grows the same way and is a little thinner on the sides towards the front! I cringed when she touched him (yes, he has since been annointed and prayed over!) and I don't usually mind others talking to my babies or patting their heads or touching their hands but she really made me nervous! I am so grateful for my fb friends that have encouraged me, so I leave you with a few of their comments: "Hello-moron!!! Most 2 yr olds haven't gotten all their hair in yet. Receding hairline, WHATEVER!!!! Sorry Lord, just needed to vent a little." and then she says,"Hollie I'm so sorry. It's a shame when people think they are so wise and feel compelled to share that with others. What an awful thing to say in front of your kids. We'll just have to pray that the Lord will control her tongue and noone else will have to endure this type of attitude. But I always try to remember, there but for the grace of God could be I." - Sally Stoops Dixon and another family member says, "Take a deep breath and enjoy your lovely children. People can be so insensitive, heartless, judgmental...don't let them rob you of your love and joy in your beautiful family....pray for these persons who can be so quick to speak that their ...heart be filled with kindness, compassion and a helping hand instead. Love and prayers to you and yours. What a lovely day it was today, too! I'm glad got to have a park day. ♥xo♥xo" - Virg Crawford and my best friend says, "Crazzzy!!! Kirsten is normal from what I've seen!!! She is exactly where she should be!! And don't worry about the boyz. They and energetic and amazing! Probably a good thing that I wasn't remember God forme...d them in your womb...He created their DNA and he doesn't make mistakes. They are exactly the size, energy leve, hair color, and eye color God intended them to be.... He is failthfull and with you through thick and thin....And I am so glad He has blessed you with each of them... Hollar if you need." HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! :)

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