Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rio: my movie review

So tonight we decided since Glenn's semester is over a celebration was in order! We wanted to take the babies bowling but kidsbowlfree was over at 6 today. So instead we thought dollar theater 50 cent night but nothing worth seeing (with babies) was playing. Well we ended up $50 later at the 3D movie Rio. I was floored that it cost $3.50 on top of movie tickets to see a 3D movie! They ask that you donate your 3D glasses after the movie, for $3.50 we brought ours home! So many previews and my babies want to see them all! However I do NOT think we will be seeing Cars 2 in 3D! I am not spending that kinda $ on that movie! However there is one that I have every intention of saving curriculum $ for as a field trip. DolphinTale looked very inspiring! The babies want to see kungfu panda 2 in 3 D so we told them they would have to save their $ to pay for their tickets and enough to split a parent ticket or two. So I would like to share a few thoughts on the movie we saw tonight: Rio. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was hilarious and I think George Lopez is so funny, not always clean in his show but funny. He is clean in this movie though (hello, it's a kid's movie!). We had the theater to ourselves which was neat as two of my boys wanted to be birds through half of it, complete with arms out and flying noises! lol. It was also a good thing as there was more than one spot that "close your eyes" was necessary! I said I enjoyed the movie and we all had a great time (thhe babies deserved it, they worked so hard today in the house!) but there was more than one seen where the ladies were very scantily dressed. Now I understand that these are cartoon characters but I do NOT want my babies, boys or girls, to think that nakedness is ever ok, alright or in any form acceptable! Also at one point in the movie the barely clad girl is told to shake her tail feathers (this was NOT said to a bird but to a human!). HELLO, KID'S MOVIE!!!!!! Highly inappropriate if you ask me! This would be one of the parts where "CLOSE YOUR EYES" was very firmly enforced! There was another scene that really bothered me as far as this being marketed to children, the man and lady are dressing like blue macaws (except they could have used a few more feathers!) and she walks out (in the equivalent of a very skimpy bikini, complete with a belly button showing and she looks like she hasn't eaten in weeks) and his eyes fill with, well shall we just call it what it is, lust! Fireworks going off behind him, glassy eyes and as an adult you now he only thinking about one thing! Yes, this is all in a CARTOON! A cartoon we are supposed to accept as appropriate family entertainment! I DON'T THINK SO! Rest assured that movie will NOT be owned in this house! I even told Glenn to close his eyes in a few scenes. It just really grieves me that nakedness has become such a way of life. So, if you want a good laugh or two, you will get one but at what cost? And I don't mean $. I would probably watch it again in the presence of all adults but NOT with my babies!

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