Friday, April 29, 2011

Big day (not) at the Derr's house

Wow, what an incredibly busy, busy day and yet as I sit here completely exhausted I find myself mentally refreshed, loved my time with my babies today, even got thank yous for taking them places today! Wonders never cease! We started out the day getting everyone out the door for CHEC (our homeschool group) field day. We actually made it there on time!! The babies had a blast, there was so much planned, frisbies, water balloons, races, snacks, face painting (I ended up with two pirates and two Indians and one that didn't want painted till the painters had cleaned up and left!)......just so much fun. Then Glenn brought us pizza for lunch, the babies always love to see their daddy! One of the mama's at the park had a pack n play so knowing that we were in town for the whole day I had Keegan take a nap. Then she volunteered to watch all my babies so I could run to the bank to get change for tomorrow's Book sale in Tyler! I love, love, love books and used book sales are soooooo exciting! I was so glad I didn't have to take all 5 babies into the bank lobby for change! After we left the park we ran by a house to pick up my secret sis gift and then by a garage sale that benifited some youth going on mission trips this summer. After that it was chick fil a for dinner, I love chick fil a! We even had time for ice cream. And then......and then it was time for the African Children's Choir!! Saw them a few years ago, those children are amazing and the fact that they can worship and praise in their situations, just wow! Patsy and David came too and I was so glad to have help with the babies (Honey was working late!). Oh, I just love to see those children praise! Patsy and David bought the babies t shirts and a DVD. I got Kirsten and me some necklaces made out of paper, I will have to post pics on fb. I also got the boys bandanas which one of the ladies helped the two little ones tie them on their heads like pirates. Appropriate considering the earlier face paintings. On the way home we listened to the cd I got for Glenn. So beautiful. Got home and Kayson decided to be hungry after feeding him I sit here typing with him asleep in my lap, Glenn asleep on the couch and watching CSI. wow some people are so strange! I must add that the other babies are in bed too, they CAN'T watch CSI! Kirsten said she almost fell asleep on the way home. :) think we wore them out? I sure missed having my camera today, I need to get the memory card emptied so I can room for more pics! As I close this, I leave you with a question I keep thinking about, can angels drive cars? :)

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