Thursday, May 26, 2011

more randomness

just a few things I want to write down/remember: Keegan will say, "mouth back" when you try to take his pacifier away. I have to take it sometimes though or he will talk with it in his mouth. on 3-15-11 I talked to Kirsten about washing her face and the importance of lotion also Kayson sat up for a few seconds but he is just now getting to where he is crawling and trying to sit up more. He has been slower than the others, I think bc he hasn't had as much floor time. Keegan would try to pounce on him! Kirsten got up with Kayson for his early am feeding, she wanted to! She gave him a bottle and played with him and got him back to sleep! :) she is such a huge help to us, she has such a sweet heart and is just an amazing little girl! I know this is very random, but I love the word anon. We went to visit our friends on 3-17-11 and Keegan decided to paint their whole den (tv, chairs, coffee table, fireplace, etc.!) in vicks!! bet they breathed good that night! Cayden can write his Kks very well. He is good at his school, when he tries! :) On 3-28-11 Chris's school work talked about a haiku and what it was and told him to write one, so here it is:
Flowers spring
Birds sing
Spring has sprung
by Chris Derr
age 8
Kirsten's work asked her what do you think God has planned for you to do with your life? she answered: I think God wants me to be an artist. I love to paint, draw, sketch and crafts. I used to want to be a missionary , or pastor. But my mama told me that only boys can be pastors so I am going to tell the world about God through my paintings.
3-29-11 Cayden took Kayson out of the exersaucer and brought him to me! we were so shocked he could do it!
3-30-11 Keegan decided to share with Kayson, Kayson ate his first goldfish cracker!!
3-31-11 Keegan said "Bible" :)
I didn't write down as many notes to type up for april or may but here's two and then I think Kayson wants mama's milk! :)
4-27-11 Kayson got his first tooth! and on bottom too! :)
5-13-11 I took Kayson out of his exersaucer to nurse him and Keegan had been playing with him (nicely this once and making him laugh) but had walked away, well he must not have seen me take Kayson out bc he walks back over to the exersaucer expecting to play with him some more and he says, "Oh, no!" when he finds him missing and gets a pouty face. He just loves his brother sooooo much! and I love that! It was like he didn't know where he went and was worried, then he saw Kayson in my hands. lol
Well Kayson is really crying now so I am going to go take care of him.

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