Monday, May 23, 2011

Journal entry from 5-23-05

Wow this was 6 yrs ago! Parenthesis are what I have just added, enjoy! :) this was also a Monday, written at 8:55 pm, was 81 outside.
Honey is working late tonight. (you would think I would be used to theses nights by now but I still HATE them!) I was laying here thinking - do we really know each other? He doesn't know who I am during the day or what I do most of the time. (some things never change). I need another baby so that I have someone to spend all day with once Chris is in school. (3 babies and the decision to homeschool later and I am definitely not lacking for people to spend the day with! lol) I don't think I write enough, I don't put enough memories down on paper. Chris likes to "fly" off of things onto something soft like his bean bag. Kirsten napped on her top bunk for the first time today. I am working on potty-training Chris. He had his bday party sat. Dustin gave him a big tonka dump truck. (we still have this! The boys LOVE it!) we are blessed. I love you Lord Jesus, you are so amazing I am so thankful for my babies and their daddy. Bridgit and MJ are moving into the empty 3 bedroom trailer next to us. (this was when we were renting a TINY 2 bedroom on a trailer lot just outside of Marshall). This should be interesting. We are going to start story time @ Longview again tomorrow. (used to only do Longview in the summer, now we just don't have time for Longview or Marshall, sometimes I feel so guilty bc I think maybe I did more when I just had the 2 and now my little ones are missing out on on vital parts of life). Kirsten is old enough for a library card this yr. That will be neat. Did I mention I am almost done with the laundry? (that seems impossible these days!) that is an awesome feeling. The babies are watching tv now. (this was back when every day started with music on and tv almost never got turned on till after naps, which everyone took! My how life has changed!) they took late naps - they probably won't be ready for bed till close to 11 pm. O-well at least they should be able to see their daddy for at least a few min. Lord help us. Honey left my keys at his mom's house. I have not been anywhere today. (I can imagine I was pretty upset about this! I hate feeling stranded, especially with little ones!) I want to sleep right now. Well I better go now you (Honey) just called and am coming home and the laundry buzzed. Tata for now. :-) (wow we were so young, it is fun to go back and see what we thought and felt and relive the memories, isn't it? Have a great Monday!

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