Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Children's Church Classes

I am so excited about our new children's classes at our church (Marshall COGOP). I really enjoy working with the kiddos and we are growing! We now have two Sunday School classes, one for 3-9 year olds (2s can come if they bring a parent!) which I teach and one for our tweens (10-13 year olds) that my sis teaches. We are starting a VeggieTales unit on the Pirates that don't do Anything movie in my class. Then we go out and join the adults for P&W and right before preaching they are dismissed to nursery and children's church. Nursery is for 8 months - 3 years old and I have 4 teams of 2 volunteers that rotate each week. I am so thankful to my daddy, and Amy and Charlie for fixing the wall and painting and vacuuming and putting it all back together to get it so nice for our first sunday. Also to my mama for getting a changing place for it. Children's Church is for 4 - 9 year olds and taught by 3 teams of 2 volunteers that rotate each week. I also teach a children's class on Wed. nights. I really enjoy my time with all our precious children at church! I must say though, I don't know if they are just tired or what but ALL the children's seem extra wild/talkative on wed nights! yes, even, mine! like last night I had to send Keegan out to his daddy bc he wouldn't stay in one place and the last straw was when Chris caught him with an open marker in his mouth!!!! lol, oh, that boy!

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