Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I love my babies so much and just can't stand to hear them cry, I just don't believe that babies are supposed to be put down and "learn" how to entertain themselves through endless tears and screams in their first year of life. I'm not talking about the occasional cry for 5-10 min while mama takes a shower, spanks a sibling, etc. and once they are 5-6 months old they should be having some floor time or how will they learn to sit and crawl and such. So, this philosophy has made it hard to get things done around the house and it is hard when the baby is screaming bc you have to fix the others lunch or something that really is a two handed job and some things that can be done onehanded still aren't done very efficiantly with just one. So, I was introduced to a sling and had one with baby #4 but he wasn't real fond of it. Then baby #5 was on his way and I was wondering what to do and saw someone with a carrier that looked like 2 large cloth rubberbands where the baby could be outward facing and I loved it but it was $70 and had to be ordered offline. :( one day shortly after Kayson was born I am walking through Target and I see a Moby, looks like the same as the other one on the package only it is $40! :) so we buy one. get it home and it is just one LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG piece of fabric that has to be tied on! I am thinking oh no I may never use this it looks way to complicated but one day my bff comes over and helps me figure it out and guess what? It really is easy! and he loves it and we love it and we use it all the time! and the more expensive one had sizes and we coiuldn't afford 2 (one for Glenn, one for me and we both couldn't fit in the same size) so I would have been the only one able to use it! With the Moby, since it ties on it is one size fits all, even Kirsten can wear Kayson. I love wearing my baby, I can cook, do dishes, wear him through a store pushing a buggy, plant the garden, let him nap at the zoo and he doesn't have to be in a plastic babysitter screaming! I love it! :) I think everyone should practice baby-wearing! :)

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