Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I have a list of thoughts/topics to blog about and I just write down whatever pops into my head as it comes but then if I write about everything in the order of the list sometimes it is weeks (sometimes several) before I get to sit down and type about it and then sometimes I have forgotten what I originally wanted to say or it just seems so obsolete at the moment bc that is soooooo not how our lives are going at that moment. Well, this is one of those times. See, I wanted to write about how we let some thins slide on the weekends and try to take time to just enjoy each other, especially since Daddy is home on the weekends. Some things that we (in theory) work so hard on throughout the week, I choose to not be worried about on the weekends, however, these last few crazy weeks have found these things creeping into our weekdays too. I think it is the summer syndrome!
Our weekdays:
1) no TV in the am (start school packets (that mama set out the night before) when you wake up!)
2) no mouth (pacifier) except at bedtime and naps
3) patch on 2 hrs daily (Doc said we can skip weekends)
lately, though, we have been very lax on the weekdays and have had to use weekends to get things done that didn't during the week. We will be out of town the next two weekends and won'y have those days to play catch up. O-well, I guess that's just life.

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