Sunday, July 27, 2014

Vacay Day 7 – Start HOME!

8:00a – Wake up, breakfast, load Silver, unhook trailer, dump trailer, send everyone to the restroom, lets get going!
9:30a – Goodbye state park, first movie playing on the Derr Mobile Theater, math paces are being worked on, I’m catching up on the vacay days on the blog.
11:00a – Goodbye FLORIDA!  L Let’s turn around, please!  lol  Oh no, traffic!!!  Thought we would never get off that bridge!  Pretty scenery though!
12:30p – another tunnel!  I really don’t like those!  However, I tolerated this one better, I didn’t freak!  lol  Pretty buildings!  I love columns!  and the trees!  There were beautiful trees too!  :) Lunch at Wendy’s.  Then we gave everyone their candy from the candy shop for dessert.
2:00p – Mississippi!  More driving, more movies, more math, crocheting on Honey’s blanket, a pit stop here and there, a new idea for a reward system for school next year!  Then finding a treasure at a gas station for the new reward system!  J
5:00p – make it to Jackson.  Find an RV park for the night.  WHEW, its HOT!!!  The RV is stifling!  Walked the babies to the playground while Honey hooks up.  I think I might be melting!
6:30p – resting in the rv with a vent blowing directly on me, trying to get cool enough to think about dinner!  Then a dinner of leftovers and Sandlot 2.  More crocheting on my stripey blanket.
9:30p – BEDTIME!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Vacay day 6 – Last Beach Day

We arrive at the beach.  Kayson decides he doesn’t want to play in the water so he spends the morning sitting in the shade of the umbrella, playing in the sand.  Keegan finally decides its ok to out a little farther in a floatie with the big kids.  This is the second day I have had my camera, not just my phone, out on the beach.  When I wasn’t using it to take pics, I had it in a Ziploc baggie to protect it.  I think I got some pretty neat pics, maybe I will have some time to look at them while we travel home.  Kirsten still wore a tshirt under her swimsuit, I didn’t.  We both had been to protect our shoulders bc we got burned the second day.  :-/  You could tell we were all tired, we had some not so great attitudes a few times that day but we still had a great day.  There were some storms around us, didn’t rain on us but the wind picked up pretty good!  The waves were stronger and our umbrella almost blew over, we had to lower it and our floats started to blow away.  One of the zebra floats got away and we couldn’t catch it and landed on the dunes.  Well, the dunes are roped off and you aren’t allowed on them, understandably so.  So, we are minus one $2 zebra float.  We could see it just sitting there stuck on the dune, everytime we walked passed someone would look for it and say hey there is our zebra float, I see it and everyone else would stop and look for it!  lol, I know, we’re weird!  J  Then it was lunchtime.  We brought a picnic lunch and ate it under the park pavilion.  We went back to the beach and all worked together to build a sand “castle” well, it really ended up being more of a sand “city” compete with a moat, volcano, tunnel and even the Dallas Cowboys stadium!  lol  That was fun.  I went to find some clams to decorate it with and felt something bigger when I dug my hand down a little, picked it up, realized their was legs attached to it, scared me and I tossed it and saw the crab scamper off really quick!!  lol  Then everyone got tired of building.  Kirsten went to read under the umbrella, I got back in the ocean with Keegan and Cayden.  Everyone was tired though and we soon left.  I almost cried!  We wanted to see a little more of Destin, we found a build your own frozen yogurt shop.  Mmmmm, that was good.  Then we found a local candy shop with some really cool candy you don’t find that often.  Everybody go to pick something for later.  Then we went “souvenir” shopping at Walmart.  I got a cool Destin magnet, Kirsten got a little jar with colored sand and little shells in it, Chris wanted a deck of cards and all the boys got Ninja Turtle masks!  We decided to splurge and eat out since it was our last night in Florida.  We found a restaurant that reminded us of Bennigan’s called Beef O’Brady’s.  It was good.  The boys enjoyed the baseball game that was on the big screen TVs that were everywhere!  J  Then it was back to the RV for some sleep!

Vacay day 5 – RAIN!

The clouds were so beautiful this am!  So fluffy!  We got out to the beach and got everything set up, were already playing in the water and I started noticing dark clouds out in the ocean and they came closer and closer and closer till they rained on us!  That was fun.  The ocean water was cooler and felt great, after the rain the sand was cool to walk on.  I saw three fish about a foot long swimming together and we saw lots of little bitty fishes everywhere.  It was neat to be out in the ocean during the rain.  Kayson and I played in the sand for a little bit.  Then we took the kids up to the park pavilion bc they were having a wildlife demonstration.  That was neat.  We saw an owl, so pretty and majestic.  They brought two baby opossoms.  They were so cute and tiny.  Then we had a little more beach time before heading back to the campsite for lunch.  We had jumbo black olives with lunch and the boys loved putting them on their fingers!  Then it was rest time.  Glenn and I laid down and the babies watched a movie.  Kirsten had me show her how to get my blog on her phone and she started reading it from the very beginning.  She would be like Mama you put that in the blog and I would be like yea, I wanted to remember it!  lol  We had baked (on the grill) potatos for dinner.  Mmmmmm……those were good!  Great flavor!  I crocheted some on my stripey blanket that evening.  I love watching yarn turn into something beautiful!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Vacay day 4 – more BEACH!

Have I mentioned I LOVE the BEACH?!?!?  lol  Same plan as yesterday, up, breakfast and find the beach!.  We saw a beautiful yellow classic car in Destin.  The plates said California, wow, that was a long drive!  J  When we made it out to the beach and chose our spot it was right by a big sea turtle someone had made out of sand.  That was neat!  Although, it wasn’t there by the time we left, Kayson has this thing for stepping on sand sculptures!  lol  His age???  We found more clams, they are fascinating creatures.  More waves, love standing out and just letting them hit me.  I would love a float for that but the babies usually confiscate those!  J  I put some sand and water and clams in my hand to see if they would dig and they did.  It tickled.  That was neat and I even got a neat video of it!  I am not normally a big fan of selfies but I have actually taken quite a few on this trip.  lol, sometimes its about the only way I get in a pic unless I specifically tell Honey he needs to take pics.  J  I love taking pics of the waves.  The ocean is so amazing.  God is so amazing to create something so very beautiful for us to enjoy!  I love our beach umbrella, it has such vibrant colors!  A lot of people have one exactly like ours though.  lol, guess they shop at Sams too.  At lunch we introduced our babies to the movie Sandlot.  They loved it!  Before dinner we took the boys to the playground for a little bit.  Then dinner, then bed.  J

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vacay day 3 – BEACH!

Today we followed our plan!  J  We got up and had breakfast and got swimsuits on and headed into Destin!  Now we knew where to go!  When we arrived at the State Park, we discovered they had a red flag out.  A red flag means to swim with caution bc the water is rough.  The waves were awesome!!!  We did tell Cayden he couldn’t use a big float bc the water was too rough and Kirsten had already been knocked off hers and hit her head on the sand!  She was alright but did rest for a little bit bc she had a headache at first.  Kinda scared me a little.  I love just laying on the shore and letting the waves wash over me!  We discovered lots of little clams and put them in a pail where we got to watch their fingers come out.  We also got to see them digging into the sand before the waves came to wash them away!  The Littles enjoyed riding their daddy in the waves!  Glenn buried his legs in the sand and Kayson tried to copy him.  After we were back at the campsite, I took Keegan and Cayden to the restrooms, on our walk back, we found a snail.  Keegan carried it back to the RV to show everyone and it came out in his hand.    Honey and I took naps after lunch, then he ran to get mustard and we had chilidogs for dinner.