Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Meet the Teacher!

8-20-18 Monday
Oh how I have been so close to tears ALL day!  I cannot believe they will all be in school ('cept the baby) and Derr ISD is closing!  I have soooooo loved homeschooling my babies!  Watching their eyes light up with knowledge and knowing I helped that happen.  I thought I had more time with the younger boys home with me.  Oh how life can throw major curves!  So we all relaxed some in the morn and then got ready for a busy busy afternoon and evening.  We all loaded up and I dropped Kayson at his therapies and Kirsten stayed to take advantage of the quiet waiting room and work on her summer work.  She is so not ready for school to start again.  Its really hitting her that it is her senior year!  Us too!  How did that happen?  How did we get so old?  lol  Then I ran by a friend's house bc she had a lunchbox to give away, a groot one.  I don't keep a lot of lunchboxes bc the kids get lunch at school but there are a few days they need to take a lunch, like test days and since they all love groot, I thought well it might be nice to have something for them to take a lunch those days.  While I was there she also gave us three Power Ranger back packs.  The three younger boys were so excited!  Even though they already had others, two decided to use these for the first day!  Kayson has been switching his backpacks everyday, power ranger, ninjago, power ranger, ninjago, power ranger and so on and so forth, lol!  I just love to see their smiles!  Then we picked up Kirsten (she got some work done! yay!) and Kayson and headed to the elementary school for the first meet the teacher of the night.  I'm so thankful they staggered the start times of tonight at each campus by an hour, I think tonight might actually be do-able since we have three campuses to get to!  The teens won't have meet the teacher till after school starts and that makes tonight more doable too!  It's sooooooo HOT!  *melting emoji* *why don't they have one yet?* We get to Kayson's school and find a place to park, wow, there are a lot of people here!  There's a line to get in the door and we are even a bit early.  All this new, I'm not so great with new and so many people.  breath, just breath..........  Meet his teacher and her aide, he is in the inclusion class.  They are soooooo sweet.  His teacher was patient and listened to all I felt she needed to know, we had paperwork to fill out, Kayson got a smores snack thing from the teachers, it said something like we can't wait to know you smore, lol, super cute!  There were kids all over that classroom, sitting in the teacher's chair, laying on the rug, running from her brothers, I mean seriously where are their parents?!?  OH, WAIT!  those are MY kids!  *facepalm*  LOL  They really were being pretty good, not really causing any issues but they were distracting me from getting the paperwork done bc I was trying to make sure they didn't destroy anything and Kalani was all over and at one point I did have to tell Keegan to get up off the rug bc he was laying in the middle of the floor!  We left by playground so Kayson could see it and we could talk to him about how to stay safe during recess.  I had trouble getting out of there, cars were everywhere and just getting there and also others trying to leave, crazy crazy.  But someone let me out eventually and we were on to the next school.  Intermediate 4.  Have I mentioned its sooooooo crazy HOT!!?!!  Now to meet Keegan's teacher.  She is soooo sweet!  She took his pic for her board, we found his locker, checked out the library, he is way excited about that!  Cayden showed him the cafeteria too.  Then onto the Jr High!  It is still so so so very HOT!!!!!!!  The Jr High was super crazy!  I heard they have 440 sixth graders and had to redo several schedules bc they had to hire like 30 new teachers and don't even have enough lockers for everyone, and this is the old high school!  We looked for Cayden's first period bc we were supposed to go there to get his schedule and then go to his other classes.  But the little gym it told us to go to was locked, there were other parents there trying to get schedules too, we didn't know what to do and we were waiting outside and it was so hot, I was pretty close to tears again, like I said I had been all day and I don't handle the heat well and this was just horrible.  I know it's crazy and it's a lot of kids but I wish someone had thought ahead and put a sign up or something telling us where we were actually supposed to be.  Glenn tried to walk to the front to get info but it was so crazy up there, he wasn't even able to talk to anyone in the know, finally before he got back to us someone happened to see us all standing there and said it was actually the big gym we were supposed to be at!  Did I mention how hot it was??  Seriously, I felt like I could faint!  I never have from the heat but I sure feel like I can't even think or function when I get that hot. I watch other people still fine even though its hot and I'm like I don't know if I can even walk to the cooler inside.  Anyways, I called Glenn and told him, he was relieved since he wasn't getting any closer to finding anything out and we make it to where we are supposed to be and we get his schedule and locker assignment, he did get a locker, which we found and he put his supplies in that he hadn't dropped off in his classes and put his lock on it!  (This is significant bc then the night before the first day, the boy asks, "Mama, what did you do with my extra key?" Now you have to understand, this boy insisted on getting  lock key *A YEAR AGO*!!!!!  when he first started 6th but then we moved him back to 5th, I haven't thought of this key in a year!!!  WHAT?!?!  Is my kid going to be the kid who has to get his lock cut off the FIRST day????!!!????  Seriously?!?!?  Who does that??????  MY kid!  apparently!  *facepalm*  Not only that, he waits till bedtime to ask!  So we send him to bed, thinking thinking so hard, Glenn looks on my keyring and sees a key that look likes a lock key, I don't have a lock, this must be the right one, I hope its the right one!  Glenn takes it off my ring, finds an empty ring in the key box hanging by the door, affectionately called "The Birds" bc it has a pic of birds on it and puts the key on the empty ring and we hope for the best!  Turns out it was indeed the right key and we were all so thankful!)  We dropped his first period supplies in the gym, left Kirsten sitting with Keegan and Kayson bc they were so tired and hot and it was just so crowded everywhere and went to find the rest of his classes.  We got all his teachers met, supplies dropped off in the correct classes, he has all diff teachers from last year except one.  I was so hoping he would get more of the same teachers, they were so caring and helpful but these teachers seem just as great too, honestly.  We saw other peoples we know and we were finally done.  HOT, TIRED, EXHAUSTED and OVERWHELMED but done!  We did it!  We made it to each school, met all the teachers and we survived!  LOL  I did cry all the way home though but Glenn went and got pizza and brought it home, we were in two diff vehicles bc he had worked during the day and met us at the first school.  I want to give a shoutout to our teens here bc they loaned us the money for the pizza bc that wasn't in the plans.  I am so thankful for their willingness to help us out and they have such kind hearts and are so understanding.  They were paid back at payday which was just a few days away.  And we came home and crashed!  Had dinner, it was really good and we were all so hungry and then we sent everyone to bed!  Whew!

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