Saturday, August 11, 2018

Kayson Strong as an Eagle ~ more Dallas appts part 1

Wed 8-1-18
The morning started early taking Cayden to Mission Longview.  This is third year and he really enjoys it and I love that he's learning to care and help others.  Then onto Kayson's therapies.  When we got back out to Silver, there was a truck parked in the parking spot behind me but he was a long truck and not all the way in his spot and Silver is long and I had so much trouble getting out of there, I didn't know what I was going to do!  I actually almost started crying.  Somehow though I did manage to maneuver my way out, I was so thankful and then we headed home.  These are the times I really dislike driving something so big, I never expected to drive a large vehicle but I manage.  After lunch we headed out.  Lunch was good, Glenn and I had our leftover ]\ (that was Kalani) pizza from date night, we tried the new pizza place, it was great.  We dropped Kirsten and Keegan at Marmie's, Kayson (of course) and Kalani were going in with us.  Chris was away at cross country camp.  Marmie had just got back from a cruise and gave each child a keychain from Mexico.  (Ummmmm.........You know, I think I still have Chris's and he doesn't even know about it, #greatestmommoment)  She also gave Kalani an old remote and Kalani was trying to turn her TV on with it, lol.  We said our goodbyes and got on our way to Dallas.  *I would like to insert a shoutout here to my mama who picked Cayden up from Mission Longview that afternoon, kept the three kiddos for the night, got up early, dropped Cayden back at Mission Longview thurs am, took Kirsten and Keegan to the church so Kirsten could help with a make and take they were having were Kirsten helped the kids make clay bowls and Keegan made a bowl and pound cake.  Our church does such neat things.  Then she picked them up, got them some lunch and picked up Chris at the High school and took them all home and then had to hurry to her own appt!  I don't know what we would've done without her and how we would've gotten all the babies where they needed to be.  I am so thankful for all the help we get.  I can't always tell people what we need but I know any financial help and help with the kids and cleaning and food, that all helps so tremendously, as does prayers and love and support.  We are so grateful for everyone who has stood by us and continues too!  Its a long road and I'm still struggling at times (possibly more than I would care to admit).*  On the way in, Glenn and I were snacking some, he had pistachios and I had sunflower seeds so Kayson said, "I want some flower seeds." so I gave him some.  A bit later he says, "I found a flower seed with nothing in it!"  I love how he calls them flower seeds!  :) As we were getting into Dallas I happened to see this building that apparently Ive never noticed before, it had robots painted on it.  Colorful and fun.  We got to our hotel and checked and then went on an Arby's hunt bc thats what sounded good.  Baby girl was NOT happy to be put back in her carseat!  Food hunts in Dallas prove quite interesting when we don't know where maps is taking us.  First Arbys we found was closed for the day bc it was in an office building? lunch spot and all was already closed.  Oh, well, it was a cool building.  It's kinda like we get impromptu sightseeing while driving around looking for where we think we want to go.  LOL  We saw a really cool fountain at an equally cool building.  It was a downtown church.  Have I mentioned that I HATE Dallas traffic?!  But we finally found an open Arbys and had a good dinner.  :)  Then back to the hotel for a swim.  Kayson was determined we were going to swim!  lol.  He is a fish!  Kayson said, "Ive got the sun spray"  We ended up not needing it bc the pool was already shaded.  Actually there was a breeze and they had just finished putting more water in so the pool was cold and the breeze was cold once you were wet.  We still had fun and got some cool pics but we really didn't stay out long.  Kalani was shivering after a bit and we could tell Kayson was cold although he was refusing to admit it bc he did not want to go in yet.  Gave the babies a bath, there was purple water from a crayola bath bomb, Kayson loves his bath bombs!  :)  He also asked for his goggles for hair washing. Kalani threw a fit when it was time to get out.  She loves water too!  Then Kayson and I played a game of Mancala while Glenn took a shower and I was waiting to bathe.  I won.  Then it was bedtime, morning was going to come early and we had two appts to get to before heading home.  One more pretty cool thing, When I was dropping Chris off at the bus for cross country camp, I overheard another mom talk about the bobcat pride page, so I looked it up and joined it, well it happened that I was looking at a post and someone said something about a class of 2019 group.  Thats Kirstens graduating class!  So she added me to it and I added Kirsten to it and then I got the idea to look up the others.  I am now in a group for each child's graduating class except the baby's, no ones made one for her yet.  LOL.  I think if I calculated right she'll be class of 2035, I think.  So I have a group for class of 2019, 2020, 2025, 2027 and 2030!!!  I think we are going to be busy!  On that note, I think I'll end this blog post for tonight and try to get everyone in bed bc we have church in the am.  Next post, appt day!

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