Thursday, December 22, 2011

25 uses for a wipey....

1) the obvious - diaper changes! :)
2) clean the counter
3) wipe faces (get all the stickies off!)
4) wipe hands (specially when you've just used a port-a-potty!)
5) clean mouths (I know this sounds like it should be included in #3 but I promise it is entirely different! Keegan calls pacifiers "mouths"! so this # is talking about cleaning off a dropped plug, usually in the instance that your mouth won't do, like when it has been dropped in sand! lol)
6) wipe off seats before you sit
7) wipe off the table before you eat
8) clean off clothes when you want em to look nice and you aren't going straight home and you don't have a change bc somehow one didn't make it in the diaper bag. (this doesn't work on diaper blow outs though, in those cases they either have to go clothesless or a wal-mart trip proves a necessity!)
9) wipe of cuppies
10) clean toys (specially ones that have just been bought at a garage sale or goodwill and can't wait to be played with)
11) clean the car (inside, not the outside! specially cupholders that a McDonald's cup has leaked in!)
12) wash window (not perfect but will do in a pinch)
13) wipe noses!
14) sponge baths when a real one isn't an option
15) get yuckies out of hair!
16) clean shoes
17) wipe off buggies
18) clean pay phones or borrowed cells
19) wipe off the spoon or fork that belongs in the diaper bag, we usually try to carry ones for the littles that aren't quite ready for the adult size ones but insist on having their own bc they want to feed themselves.
20) clean a tongue (ok, I know this sounds cruel at first glance but please let me explain, this method has been used when they have eaten something they think is NASTY or have put something in their mouth they shouldn't have and I didn't have anything to eat or drink for them to get the taste out of their mouth and they were crying and all upset, sticking their tongue out and looking at me like mama, aren't you going to do something!? so I said here let me see your tongue and wiped the nasty taste off with the wipee, hey it worked, they were happy after that!) (another slight disclaimer: this is NOT an everyday occurance! it has only happened a few times!) :D
21) clean books (the board ones)
22) clean nasty, sticky, little-fingered DVDs to get them to work again!
23) wipe off my iTouch or the iPad after sticky fingers have touched them! They have screen protectors on them so the little bit of wet won't hurt em.
24) they also make a most excellent toy (so thinks my very littles!) pull out and throw, pull out and throw, pull out and throw, over and over again, nevermind that we spent good money on those! :)
25) last but least, they also make a good decoy for the little that wants to help clean but can't be trusted with the clorox wipes yet. They don't realize the difference! :)

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