Wednesday, December 21, 2011


H elping others find the love they seek
O organizing a space for comfort and healing
S nacks - food is a way to the heart
P ersonally making others feel welcome and cared about
I nviting others to be a part of something special
T aking your mind off of yourself
A nswering others questions and needs
L iving an example of giving and service
I is not in SOMEONE ELSE
T ruly being loving and caring, polite and kind
Y ielding to leading and authority of God our Father

I didn't write this but I had it in my journal and thought it needed shared, I'm not sure where I originally got it from. Sounds a whole lot like how we are as mothers and what we strive to accomplish for our babies, doesn't it? We all fulfill it in different ways, wouldn't this world be boring if we were all the same, all of our babies have different needs that only we can meet, not the mother down the street but us! God knows when he places your children in your home, He knows those things that are not "like everyone else" and that is why you got the little ones you did. I'm not saying that there aren't basic needs that every child has, every child needs fed and clothed and housed and loved but the other things that we tend to compare and beat ourselves up over, we need to let those things go and just love and cherish our babies. We don't have to wear the best clothes or always be manicured with the latest haircut (not saying there is anything wrong with it, we don't need to feel guilty if we ARE manicured and styled either!) or bake everything under the sun or always have a homecooked meal, or the perfect curriculum and schedule. Let's help encourage on another, let's lift each other up. Let us learn to cherish our own strengths and better our weaknesses with God's help and His leading and enjoy our families. And practice HOSPITALITY! :)

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