Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Service

We had our Christmas service yesterday! We are so blessed and felt so joyful to have some friends visit, I was so excited when they called to say they were coming, I had thought my babies only audience for their program was going to be their daddy. :) I think having someone here was God's gift to me! I was having a hard time bc I just love to celebrate with people! We worked on a program and cleaned our house and made sure everything looked festive. The Christmas dishes were ready and the cloth on the table, the tree up and presents underneath, everyone was bathed and in Christmas attire, breakfast was ate, scentsy was on and coffee was brewed, also the visitors had arrived, we were ready for service (a tad late but ready none the less!)! :) We began with the children's program, Cayden told us about the colors of Christmas even though he froze for a minute or so after the first color! Then Joy to the World, a reading of the legend of the Christmas tree (that really is a neat story!) and We Three Kings. We Dressed up Chris, Cayden and Keegan using safety-pinned blankets and homemade construction paper crowns and had them walk in carrying wrapped gifts from under our tree while we sang. Then Chris read a story and we sang Silent Night (I found an awesome video of it on YouTube performed by Sixpence None the Richer). Kirsten read Luke 2:1-20 and we sang Away in a Manger. That concluded the children's part and Honey preached his message. He showed a YouTube video about if Mary and Joseph had facebook. Really made you think. Then we had lunch and fellowship and just enjoyed some laughter and fellowship with God's people. I so enjoy our relaxed atmosphere and seeing my babies enjoy worshipping with us. I really feel closer to God. May you be blessed this Christmas. I just love Christmas! Thank you Jesus for being willing to come to earth so humbly and small to fulfill Your Father's will!

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