Monday, December 5, 2011

5 years from now........

Let's see in 5 yrs Kirsten will be 16, she will be learning to drive, now that's scary! I just can't imagine having a teenager, it scares me a little bit. Chris will be 14, now that's even scarier....2 teenagers!!! The longer I homeschool, the more I can't imagine sending them to school in high school, I don't think I will be ready to let them go! I love having them home with me. I love being their mommy! Cayden will be 10, hopefully he will be an excellent reader, that's what he is learning now, I think we are doing ok with it! Keegan will be about to turn 8 and Kayson will be 6. Wonder if anyone else will make an appearance by that time? God knows :) I do wonder where Hallsville Family Fellowship will be by then, if we will have other families joining us, where God is going to take this journey, I hesitate to even make any wants or predictions on that point, I want God to lead and guide, I want this to be His work, not ours. I just want to live in His will because I have that to be the best place, when we are out of His will things are just crazy mixed up. I am also learning that when we delay to do His will, there are consequences. My prayer for the next five years and beyond is that our family will continue to grow in our knowledge of our Heavenly Father, that we would continually draw closer to Him and always seek to learn from His word.

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