Thursday, September 20, 2018


Just sitting here, thinking what to type.  Kalani is watching a Baby Einstein video about water, those videos are so peaceful.  Hey, maybe I should turn one on everytime the boys are fighting, then at least I might feel some of the peace from it.  lol.  She has already played outside, slid down the slide, picked up cats, got red faced, ran all over so we came in to cool off with a bottle of milk, a/c and a movie, lol.  After I finish typing, I'll make us some lunch before we have to go get Kayson from school and take him to PT.  He usually does PT on wednesdays but he had an eye appt instead so we had to move it.  Thankfully his eyes are good and healthy, although she did say he has some trouble focusing, his eyes don't come together as they should for closer things.  For right now it s something to watch, he could outgrow it, or he could end up needing glasses.  However, Chris had an appt too and he is near-sighted like his mama and is getting glasses.  I'm thankful though that I don't have to wear mine all the time, mostly if I'm feeling eye strain or super tired.  It has been a busy week and I have to get ready for a bday party on Saturday.  Kayson is so excited!  I just watch him sometimes, in awe, of how far he has come, all he's been through, that he is still with us!  That's on my mind so much, how close we came to losing him, how very close.  Y'all the other day he did a somersault, I about freaked but he did it so fast!  He scared us all, lol, but he's perfectly fine!  I don't even know if its ok for him to somersault.  We were talking about Kalani learning to roll in dance and how she's been "practicing" but won't do it in class and he just did it!  The other day, earlier this week, he went running out the door to greet his daddy who had just got home and just jumped right off the porch over the steps just like it was nothing and something he's been doing forever.  It's really super amazing!  Of course, I think all my sunshines are super amazing!  Kirsten just shines a light everywhere she goes, I love watching the young lady she is becoming.  Chris is running on varsity this year, how did that even happen, he has worked so hard!  His teachers love him!  He even got a brag note in the mail the other day from a teacher!  I love how these teachers work so hard to make each child feel special and wanted and loved.  I wouldn't choose any other district.  Cayden has came home with two "Cool Cat" compliments in his planner.  Keegan has gotten two notes in his planner bragging on him!  The older four are working so hard for the Madagascar musical they are in next month.  They are really enjoying this opportunity, I'm excited to see it!  Although, apparently Cayden fell off the stage in rehearsal the day!  He's fine!  Everyone has laughed about it.  At least it wasn't a ten ft cliff like Chris I guess!  LOL!  Well, I need to put another Baby Einstein in and make us some lunch so I think this is all the ramblings you get today!  LOL.

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