Wednesday, September 26, 2018


by Kirsten Elizabeth

Anger anger anger
Anger clouds my eyes
Angry at God
Angry at me
Red vision
All I can see
How do I break free
From this emptiness in me
God I'm trying to trust
Trying to believe
Everything keeps blowing up
Something happens
Keeps happening
Where has my childhood gone
Where is my faith
My trust
In people
Twisting turning
Twisting turning
Turning twisting
Turning twisting

help help
Help help
Help help
Help me please

Anger anger
In my mind
Anger anger
In my heart

God please
hear me cry
Help me replace this anger
With peace
With love
With trust
And with wisdom

1 comment:

  1. Your peace, anger, love ( which you never Lost, and trust will return, Give it time , keep believing in god and all this will return to you and your life will seem normal again, maybe not tomorrow, but sooner than you think, let the anger slip away, and let the love, peace and trust back in ,Kayson made it !!! He is alive and doing good... Trust that!! love you for you and for being the awesome Big sister that you are!! Love Aunt Cathy