Saturday, June 4, 2011


I have decided to dedicate my next few posts to my babies. I want to write each of them a letter and share some things with them. I really want each of them to know just how precious and special they each are, that they each add a unique dimension to our family. It doesn't matter how many I have, there is a piece of me missing each time they are not all with me. It seems so quiet when even one isn't home. Each child is so unique and different, each has their own ways of bringing joy to our family. My prayer for my babies is that they would grow to love God and give Him their all, that their lives would glorify Him. I pray for wisdom in what they need and how to raise them, I pray for the strength to discipline when needed and for Him to tell me when mercy is more important. I pray that I know when they are lying, or disobeying, that they would not get away with things that need attention so that we can take care of the issues at hand while hopefully they are tiny ones before they are damaging, hurtful and dangerous. Oh, I love each one so much, I tell them all the time, I want you to be the best person you can be. I have always said that one of my parenting goals was that others could enjoy my babies, I never want people to think oh no here come those Derr kids, I want people to know that my babies are taught to be polite. I've told my boys before, you may be boys but you will be MY polite boys! :) So for the next few posts enjoy my thoughts too and about each one of my precious, priceless blessings!

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