Friday, June 17, 2011

Dear Kirsten,

To my precious baby girl, I want to tell you how much you mean to our family, just how precious you are, you are so smart and beautiful and such a huge help to me. Wow, you are growing up so fast, into such a pretty young lady. I pray you will always feel free to come talk to me about anything. Your attitude the last few days has not been pleasant and that just breaks my heart everytime you act that way. Cayden's teacher at VBS told me that you have been so great at making sure everyone is with you and together when I come to pick y'all up. I think Keegan is missing y'all this week! He is about to drive me CRAZY this am, even Kayson is fussy! I type this and then Keegan picks up a Bible and starts singing "Hallelujah"! :D just has to share! You are such a talented artist! I love your paintings and how creative you are and your attention to detail! I hope we can find a way for you to go to that music camp at IBC, we will see! I wish I was a better mother to you. I know we need to do our nails, maybe sometime soon we can get some crackle nail polish! :) Maybe this next year we can spend more time in the kitchen together, cooking and talking and making delicious memories! would you like that? Do you know how much I love you? I remember when I used to braid your hair, little braids everywhere with beads. I remember when you came home from kindergarten with a chunk of your hair missing. Oh I love you so much! Love, Your Mama!

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