Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To grandmother's house we go....

Over the rivers and through tornados, from grandmother's surgery I come....... Wow what an eventful day! PTL, that Meme's surgery went well! Her little brother made it there just as they were taking her back and the guy waited on him to get inside and say hi before wheeling her away! Thank you to my Honey for staying home with the babies! Had to go buy a handheld breast pump though bc I forgot mine electric one at home and thought I was going to burst! Left the hospital around 245 and met Roseanne at a mcdonalds for coffee and cinnamon roll. Watched clouds roll in that had a tornado warning in them, decided to wait it out. Left about 415 thinking I would miss the storms, got to Terrell and realized they were forming and strengthening all across the area! I was so scared! It felt like tornados were everywhere and I was all alone! Stopped in canton at one point bc of a warning, then left there just ahead of another severe storm, drove through some VERY heavy, heavy rain, got down to 40 mph at one point, had another car following me with their flashers on. Spent most of the trip alternating bt phone calls with daddy, Roseanne, honey and mama! Also spent some of it panicking and in tears! PTL, I finally made it home just before 830p. I am so thankful to my daddy for watching all the babies tonic while honey went to class. Oh yea and after leaving canton and getting out of the heavy rain daddy calls and says you might want to drive the speed limit if you can so beat the storm behind you, so I am trying to make good time and realize I NEED GAS!! Had to stop in liberty city but still managed to stay ahead of it till about 3 min from home but I beat the worst of it home! I was also so touched bc Roseanne's parents spent all evening watching the radar and keeping me updated too. I was so touched by their caring. :). Now all is quiet here, boys in bed, no storms, only the clicking of my letter keys, even the weather radio seems to have decided now would be a good break time! I am so tired, mama and I didn't sleep well last night and stayed up talking some. So I should be going to be, probably will be going to bed uon finishing this. I really hope the storms are through for now and I can get some rest! I am so thankful for our weather radio since we cannot hear the cities sirens. I leave you with a few prayer requests of the day; 1) pray my Meme gets to go home tomorrow and that she keeps feeling great! 2) that the men would be able to figure out our wall problems! It's leaking again. :(

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