Tuesday, May 22, 2018


How do you hold onto/keep your faith when you feel like God is nowhere to be found, when you feel like your prayers are empty and no one hears them?  I know this is a hard place to admit when we are in after all aren't christians supposed to be perfect, aren't we supposed to have all the answers?! Aren't we supposed to be strong because Christ is strong?!  But if we are honest with ourselves and others and God, we have all been here before!  You know what?  GOD KNOWS!!!!  It is not a surprise to Him!  He doesn't want perfect, He wants us!  How can His strength shine through if we aren't willing to allow our weakness to be seen, ever?  Why do we act like God can't handle our weakness and our questions and our doubts at times?  NO, If I truly believe that God can handle life and death, if I believe that He raised my son (and I do bc the docs do not have an explanation for how he survived the stroke!), if I truly believe that God knows all and is supreme and is all powerful then I have to believe that He can handle my insecurities and doubts, that they do NOT scare Him!  That He is prepared for the questions and weakness and doubts.  So how do we hold to our faith in scary moments?  in questioning?  Yes, prayer......yes, read your Bible......yes, seek wise counsel, do not discount the importance of a true church family that will love you and come alongside side you in life.  These are all very important but I would also like to mention something else that some may see as too simple but I would venture to say, in my life has sometimes had the biggest impact of all.  That has helped the previously mentioned things really come to life.  First I would like to mention two passages of scripture.  "Seek and ye shall find" Matt. 7:7 and God in a "still small voice" from 1 Kings 19:11-12.  So, here it is, look for God!  Look for His hand in your life.  How might He be holding you, how might He be trying to get your attention?  And do not discount the small!  The green trees and pretty flowers and blue skies speak of His glory and majesty, look up!  He knows life is hard and healing takes time but you can find Him.  Kalani, our little ball of sunshine and energy and what would we ever do without her, we didn't know we needed her, but God did.  Our kitchen table is not a new example but we needed one years ago and didn't have any extra money and God touched someone's heart and we had a nice table given to us!  Even baby boy's neck brace speaks of God.  Without God he wouldn't be with us and neither would that brace!  I look at my teens and see God!  They are wonderful people and thoughtful and fun and they have a faith that only can be from Him.  With everything our family has been through and seen and dealt with, my babies are happy and loving, that can only be God!  Our property is a gift from God, so beautiful and peaceful and truly a sanctuary for us.  We have a porch, people that have loved us through our struggles and helped us in tangible ways and prayer support and encouraging words.  I have a friend that sends cards a few times a year, I can't tell you how touched I am every time I open my mailbox and see an envelope from her!  All these things that come from God!  He does provide.  Sometimes it's hard to see through the hard but I believe He understands and He's waiting for us to find Him and He reaches out to us in big and small ways.  He wants to strengthen our faith and he wants a relationship with us.  He is there for the good and bad.  He wants us, all of us, the pretty and ugly.  Seek Him and remember He is in the small too!

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