Saturday, February 2, 2013

Spiritual ABCs

A) Adore God! He is all-powerful.
B) Believe
C) Confess
D) Delight in God!
E) Express a need for God
F) Focus on God
G) Give thanks
H) Have humor - LAUGH
I) Invite the Holy Spirit's guidance
J) Journal - write your prayers and remember to record the answers
K) Keep knocking on Heaven's door - don't ever give up
L) Love God!
M) Majestic is His name in all the earth! :)
N) Never give up
O) Offer yourself to God - Here I am, Father, use me.
P) Praise the Lord!
Q) Quietly listen and wait for God - The still small voice!
R) Repent
S) Seek Him!
T) Trust God!
U) Unite your will with God's - Pray for Him to show you His will.
V) Value yourself - God values you! God loves you!
W) Worship God in spirit and in truth
X) X-pect God to do great things in your life!
Y) Yearn to learn - study His Word continually.
Z) Zealously Share. Joyfully share. Share love. Share Christ. Share of yourself.
This isn't original, though I don't remember where I first got it, I found it in one of my journals but I did change a few letters to make more sense (to me anyways). :) What would you change?

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