Thursday, January 24, 2013

the fairy tale version

Once upon a time there lived this little family a way out in the woods. They really loved their country life as it gave plenty of space for the boys to run and explore. They all loved doing their schoolwork and couldn't wait each morning to get up and get started (hey, it's the fairy tale version!) The big sister was like a second mama, she was always so patient and loving with all the little boys and they adored her. At any given time you night see a little sheet ghost, or a superman, or a Bibleman. There is much playing with light sabers, toy guns (large, small, plastic, wooden), trains and of course the always loved hotwheels! Schoolwork, meal time and anything else that requires an extended (yes, to a boy the time it takes to eat is considered lengthy!) period of sitting at the table is usually accompanied by all sorts of strange and exotic noises which are promptly frowned upon while eating but who knew it was easier to write a sentence while making gun noises?!? I love to see the gentling influence their sister has on them though. I love to see the littles so gently caring for their sister's baby doll, loving it, feeding it and making sure it is covered while sleeping. So sweet. I love hugs and kisses from my babies and doing nails with my princess. This little family spends a lot of time on their property as all the little princes are not so fond of shopping and the Queen gets tired of trying to chase them out from under clothing racks! They do enjoy a good trip to the royal park in the next kingdom on occassion to find other little princes to play with and queens to talk to. It's not all fairytale, there is no royal nanny or maid, laundry stacks, toys get left out, babies get sick, mama gets tired and some days school is just not happening! However, the fairytale days/moments make it ALL worth it! I love to see their faces light up when they learn something new. I love to hear them singing about Jesus. They love the song God's not Dead and any TobyMac or Hillsong kids! Current conversation, oldest prince - "Mama, what's a radiator?" queen - "part that makes the car run" oldest prince - "that's the engine!" queen - "well, if the radiator's not working the car's not going to run!!" LOL! Did I mention the palace is ALWAYS LOUD!!!? It's almost time for the queen's royal nap with the youngest prince now that the cook has fed the little family grilled cheeses and chips. I hope you enjoyed this sneek peek into our tiny kingdom and that you live happily ever after. :)

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