Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My babies' strengths

-Smart, loves history and reading and Bible
-Artsy, she paints, draws, loves doing anything creative with her hands, she was making flowers out of wire and beads just a few minutes ago to go with her valentines for KVNE to take to the hospital.
-cleans, she loves washing the dishes and we love that she loves it! :) it's so easy to ask her to help out around the house bc she is so great at it and does her work so thoroughly.
-mothering, she takes such good care of her little brothers, so loving with them.

-our comedian/clown, makes everyone laugh, loves telling jokes, I tell him he might be the next Tim Hawkins! lol
-smart, so awesome at math, does a lot of the work in his head and no one taught him that, he just sees it
-loving, he loves his family and can be so sweet with his little brothers
-also cleans, he can do an excellent job, when he puts his mind too it
-helps, loves to work with his Papaw Mike and his daddy and learn new "manly" things :)
-very charismatic, such a people person

-smart, is reading and doing so awesome learning his addition and subtraction
-helpful, he loves to help Kayson
-loving, I love getting his hugs and kisses
-loves music

-smart, he was recognizing letters before I had even started trying to teach him
-imaginative, I love to listen to him playing and making his characters talk to each other
-loving, he just loves Kayson so much
-good memory, he can remember songs after only hearing them once or twice, loves to sing

-oh my what do I say about this little guy, he is so full of joy and happiness, just keeps us laughing and he is such a loving, loving baby and the faces he makes, he makes more faces than any baby I've seen! He is so silly, just like Chris!

I so love watching my babies grow and get so excited to see what they will make of themselves! :) We are so blessed with each and every one of them. They add so much to our family lives with their individuality. I love to see their smiling faces everyday and feel so blessed to be able to teach them the things they need to know.

Father God, show my (Your) babies how to use their gifts for You. They are so special. I know You have something special planned for each of their lives. Be with them as they grow up. Help me to lead them where they need to be. Help me to be able to see and encourage the special gifts You have placed in each one. Help me always remember how special each one is to You. Guide our family in your path. In Jesus Name, Amen!

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