Monday, November 7, 2011

Our First Service

This morning was our first service as Hallsville Family Fellowship. I know it's been a few weeks since I have posted and I neglected to tell you that we are starting a Church in our home. We are so excited to see what God has in store for us. We pray that He will guide us through all this. We all worked really hard to make our house presentable. I see God's blessings and hand upon us. We got up this am and the kiddos cleaned their rooms, we had breakfast and did baths (bc cleanliness is next to Godliness :) right?) and lunch was in the crock pots, Honey worked on his sermon some more and we were ready to praise our God. My daddy came to our first service (mama is still with my Meme and Papa, she took them to Santa Fe last week) and he made our bulletins. Since it was just us this first Sunday, Honey decided we would watch a video sermon and he would preach his on a future Sunday. We started with prayer and went right into P&W. Oh, I so enjoy hearing all my babies singing and watching them fell free to express their love for God. Even my two year old was singing "power in blood, power in blood"! So, precious! We enjoy being not so...ummmm...formal. :) We then had an old testament scripture reading, we read Deuteronomy 6 aloud. We are still learning how we want the order of service to go, forgot to take up an offering this am. Then as we settled in to watch the message, the little boys sat at the school table (yep, it's in my living room!) to color in coloring books, daddy sat down to hold a sleeping Kayson, Honey sat down with the DVD remote, pen and paper for note taking and I and the two olders sat on the floor with a big pile of socks for sorting (no sock sorting will not be a weekly practice, LOL, but it seemed like a good way to keep hands busy and minds listening). Occasionally someone would have a question and we would stop the video and discuss. We had Bibles open and Strong's out and us three adults were engaged in a time of scripture searching and you could see the older kids watching us discuss and I know they were listening. We ended in prayer and had lunch, Roast, potatoes, greenbeans and a store bought pumpkin pie tart thing. I so enjoyed our time in the Lord this morning and really look forward having other families join us. Daddy headed home after lunch and we watched Flywheel together as a family and then had "quiet time". Thank you, Jesus for all you have done for us, thank you for the opportunity to serve you and for us to worship you together as a family. Amen!

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