Thursday, November 17, 2011

some questions

I started out this morning by asking the babies some questions about God and how they see the world, kinda testing to see if we are teaching them all that we should be. I wanted to find out their views of God, man, truth, knowledge and ethics. So I started with Chris by asking him what do you believe about God? "He gave us Jesus, made Heaven and angels, there is only one" He was a little stumped at first, like, unsure of what he thought I wanted to hear bc he wanted to answer correctly but I was just like just tell me what you think, the first things that come to mind. I didn't want to put answers in his mind, I wanted to know what he was thinking. All that to say that my babies answers are there own. :) what do you believe about man? "God made him out of dirt" what do you believe about truth? "the Bible is truth and always will be, no matter what people say" how do we know what we know? "the Bible says so" how do we know what is right or wrong? "bc our heart tells us" to which I was thinking uh oh do I need to clarify how we decide morals so I started my question so if my heart says, and before I could say anything else I hear, "no, God tells us, He talks to our soul and our heart and the Bible tells us too" I didn't need to continue my question about if your heart says one thing and mine says another does that mean it is wrong for me and right for you, he answered it on his own. Then it was Kirsten's turn, I did them one at a time so they didn't influence each other's answers. God - "He's all powerful, only one God" man - "God created them from dust and His own breath, I believe the Bible" truth - "in the Bible" knowledge - "God told someone to write the Bible" ethics - "we know it in our minds, the Holy Spirit tells us" I am so glad to hear to talk about the Holy Spirit and watch her relationship with Him grow! on to Cayden, God - "we pray to God, only pray to God" he talked about how we say our night night prayers, he really likes night night prayers. man - "God made us" truth - "we should always tell the truth" knowledge - "our schoolwork" I thought since I get Bible-based curriculum and he is only 5 that was a good answer. :) ethics - "God" Now Keegan, who entered the room about this time announcing that "Jesus died like a dinosaur", God - I thought about not asking this question bc he already compared Jesus to a dinosaur! lol he still had an answer though, "go to church" he really loves to go to church :) man - I had to tell him that God made people, God made you and me (he is only 2, well almost three!) to which he says, "God made Chris-y too!" truth - I just told him to always tell the truth knowledge - I asked him who's your teacher and he pointed to Kirsten and I was like no so then he points to me ethics - I asked how do you know if something is wrong? he pointed to me, so then I asked, what does mommy do if you get in trouble? he said, "spank" yep, I think he understands that concept well! :) And then there was Kayson, lol, he's just one but bc Kirsten said I needed to question him too, I did and he actually *answered* every question! I have no idea what he said but he sure was telling me all about each one, even pausing his jabbers so I could ask him the next one! I love my little family and feel so privileged to have the chance to raise them in the fear and admonition of the Lord our God! Our wonderful Saviour! How blessed we are to be able to homeschool and make sure they get these most important foundations early on!

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