Friday, November 11, 2011

100 things I believe in

1) God, the Almighty, my heavenly Father, omnipotent, omnipresent and all knowing
2) The Bible - the infalible word of God (see above)
3) Jesus Christ, my personal Lord and Savior who died on the cross for my sins to save me from eternal damnation! yep, I said it.
4) Holy Spirit, comforter, guide and imparter of truth
5) tongues, a personal prayer language, powerful
6) family-integration in church, I am really loving this new journey we are on! :)
7) homeschooling - we love it
8) large families - define it how you will :)
9) modesty, I mean, seriously, girls, cover it up!!!
10) discipline - let your children know who's in charge and stand firm, make them take responsibility for their actions and teach them obedience!
11) Easter
12) Christmas (my favorite holiday!)
13) Bibllical submission - wives to their husbands, husbands to the Father, nope this is one female that is NOT a feminist!
14) murder is wrong! Yes, that includes abortion! We do not get to decide who lives and who dies, who has the privilege of being born and who doesn't, that is God's decision!
15) pumpkins! :) I love them, all bright and orange, I just love decorating with them.
16) church membership
17) paying tithes, the whole 10%, sometimes it may seem impossible but if you will take it off the top, no matter what, God will bless and provision will come from unexpected places, Godplaces! :)
18) family, family, family!
19) government - order in all things
20) that the government needs to get their noses out of our business!!
21) marraige is defined as one man and one woman joined together for life
22) divorce is a dirty word!
23) friends, we were meant to share this journey together
24) facebook isn't to the blame, the people who use it wrong are to blame
25) generosity
26) SNOW! too bad it doesn't much here in Tx!
27) baths not showers, cleanliness by immersion! not by small little drops coming out of the wall! :)
28) speaking of immersion, let's add baptism to this list
29) and speaking of baptism, let's add standing up for what you believe in to this list!
31) that this list is harder to make than it at first seems like it will be, seriously, 100 things?!? :)
32) smiles - give them freely
33) exclamation marks bc seriously, shouldn't we be excited about life!?!
34) question marks bc how else will you find out necessary information?
35) a good story
36) some good country music!
37) if I change the word things in the title to people than I can list each person I believe and this will go a tad faster :)
38) Honey, my Honey, Glenn David Derr III, my DH, just learned that stood for dear husband! :)
39) Kirsten, my oldest, my only daughter, she is so beautiful and such a great help, I am so blessed to have her!
40) Chris, my clown, the one who believes in a good laugh but will protect me from all those evil bugs!
41) Cayden, my middle one, oh, my, you never know what's he's thinking, what will pop outta of his mouth next!
42) Keegan, my two yr old, such a strange child, I was told today that he is an entertaining child, I'm still trying to figure out if that was a compliment or not as he was running circles around her children who were minding their own business, riding their toys when she said it!
43) Kayson, such a sweet, happy baby boy!
44) music!
45) you need to be careful what you're allowing into you're children's minds
46) entertainment is NOT just entertainment!
47) Horror movies are NOT ok! they are not fun, they are evil.
48) halloween should be taboo in your home
49) park days
50) mommy dates
51) courtship - teens have no business dating!
52) abstinence till marrraige - maybe you should consider not kissing till your wedding ceremony
53) Biblical judgement, if the Bible says it is wrong, then, it is wrong!
54) on the other hand, there are times when people just need to mind their own business!
55) LOVE!!!!!
56) Hymns! I love them, well most of them, if they are sung right, wow, some powerful pretty words in the old hymns
57) poetry
58) It's a slow fade, look up the song on iTunes
59) the virgin birth
60) Don't mess with my family, especially my children!
61) Heaven
62) hell
63) Dancing, tastefully, even an infant will move to the music!
64) laughter
65) TRUTH!!! liars will find their place in the lake of fire! God hates lies! the truth fitly spoken in love will set free!!!!!!!!
66) go to the source
67) adult time!
68) PRAYER!!!!
69) annointing with oil!
70) obedience
71) eating meat
72) reading well, everyone should
73) not every person is good, there are those that mean things for evil and while I think in most cases we should believe the best of people, there are times that we need to be aware of wolves in sheeps clothing
74) black friday shopping, it's fun! but children don't belong in the stores that day!
75) good strong names, go ahead ask me what my babies' names mean :)
76) kisses
77) hugs
78) affection in general
79) No electronics day, we have one once a week
80) sometimes good people need assistance, even government, and that doesn't make them bad people
81) sometimes you just need quiet
82) flowers, I love flowers, mini roses
83) living in the country
84) the CROSS!! PTL! thank you Jesus!
85) butterflies, they are so beautiful!
86) SLEEP!
87) naps
88) fun!
89) boys and girls are different! they are made different in the womb! its nature, not nuture, a boy is a boy is a boy and vice versa!
90) courage
91) nail polish! :)
92) broccoli
93) chips and dip and comfort food!
94) it's not the holidays without lumpias!
95) some people change
96) the Trinity!
97) breastfeeding, natural = yes, always easy = no!
98) the creation as laid out in the Bible, God did it in six 24 hr periods!
99) a day of rest! God did!
100) finishing well! yea! this one is done! :)

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