Monday, October 24, 2011

more church visit, a lake and a birthday!

So much has happened since I last wrote to you. I will start with our visit to the Presbyterian FI church. Did you know that they don't use grape juice for Communion?!? ok I know, go ahead, laugh at me but that was an experience for me! I'll take grape juice from now on, thank you very much! :) Either way, praise Jesus for what he did for us! We owe our lives to Him. Jesus, I love you! I was thankful also not to hear another sermon on Romans, lol, nothing against Romans but that was starting to get a little, ummmm, shall we say thought provoking? now, I don't consider myself superstituos or anything (I believe in a WAY bigger GOD!) but if I heard a 4th sermon in a row on a passage from Romans I was about to go home and disect the chapter and try to figure out what God was trying to tell me! :) fast forward to this weekend, it has been a BUSY one but a funfilled one! Kirsten turned 11 on Saturday, wow, my baby girl is 11 already, that just doesn't seem possible, where, oh, where does the time go?? We took the kiddos to a pumkin patch, ok, I confess, that was for me! Don't get me wrong, they enjoy picking out the pumkins but I'm the one that wants the pics in a sea of orange! :) They get to pick them out but once we are home, I confiscate them all for decoration! :) Kirsten chose Red Lobster for her bday dinner and I surprised her by asking her bff to join us! :) Then Glenn took the girls for a shake and Kirsten got to spend her bday $ on art stuffs at Hobby Lobby while me, the boys and my bff came home to watch the Rangers lose! So glad they won the last two nights though! GO RANGERS! :) Then Sunday we went out to Church at the Lake with my sister's church in Texarkana. That was such a restful day, Roseanne and I with Kirsten, Cayden and Keegan took a walk along the lake. Kirsten collected shells and bird feathers, we saw a lake urchin, sank in the wet sand (once I stepped and sank at least 6 inches! that was a weird feeling), saved a little fish that was out of water, and enjoyed taking our shoes off and walking in the water! :) Then I got baptized in the lake, that was a first for me. I have been baptized before but not in a lake. Kirsten got baptized too. Then we finished the weekend off with a trip to the zoo yesterday. Honey took a vacation day and we just enjoyed a family outing. I love times when we can just relax and enjoy being a family.

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  1. Wow, I tired just reading this. I love how God is blessing your family and I really love that you share my love for writing. When I was growing up I would dream about owning a cabin out in the woods and sometimes go there all alone just to write. No. I never dreamed of being a nurse. Ha. Love you blogs!