Monday, June 25, 2018

Kayson Strong as an Eagle ~ surgery day 4 ~ recovery

Thursday 6-7-18
Baby boy did finally quit throwing up and ate some breakfast, yay!  However, he is still in pain and his neck is hurting him, I think some of it is he is nervous bc his brace is still off.  I was asking his nurse about his deep cough and how long to expect it to continue and she was saying it should clear once he's up and moving and breathing deeper but she could get him some bubbles to help with it also.  He loves bubbles and was so excited to blow them.  I didn't realize just how deep one had to breath to blow bubbles!  Such a neat idea!  After a few different times of blowing, his cough was already clearing and you could tell it tired him out which was a good thing too bc he needed to rest.  By lunch he was looking better, he had worked on legos a little bit, ate some nachos and sucked a tootsie pop to sleep, lol!  Then the afternoon was quiet, naps were taken, nurses were talked to, after dinner was ate we left Marmie with Kayson for the night and went to get some rest at RMH.

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