Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Kayson Strong as an Eagle ~ Surgery Day 2 ~ Pre-op

Up early, hotel breakfast, Kayson wanted two pancakes, he said, but I was trying to talk him into one bc I knew he wouldn't eat two but the lady heard and gave him two anyways, lol.  Pre-op went well, they took labs, he sat in my lap and didn't even cry!  Then we took the shuttle over to the hosp for his CT scan.  The CT had Mario stickers, so cool and Kayson liked that they gave me a batman cover to wear.  While he was finishing in CT, my phone rang, it was RMH saying we got a room.  PTL!  So we checked out of our hotel but couldn't check into RMH till two so we headed to Grapevine Mills.  Kayson wanted go to Legoland as his before surgery fun activity.  We had lunch at the food court, everyone ate something different, lol.  Then a carousel ride.  After, onto Legoland, except when we bought our tickets they told us that they stagger the entry times now and we couldn't get in till 2:45, it was only like 1:30, what do we do now?  So we went over to the Sealife Aquarium first.  It was neat, they had an area where you could "rescue" a plastic sea turtle, treat its boo boos, feed it and return it to the ocean.  Kayson was so excited about that but got sad when he realized he couldn't keep his turtle that he had named squirt.  When we got to the gift shop Glenn found a stuffed turtle that looked like Squirt and Kayson was so excited to get to take him home!  :)  Then onto Legoland.  Kayson loved all the legos and driving a police car around the track and watching a 4D movie (these seats stay still, so he could enjoy this one) and the gift shop where he got to pick out a lego set to build after his surgery.  Then Marmie (Hollie's mom) met us at RMH to check in and get our room.  Marmie took us to eat at Olive Garden.  Mmmm......so good!  When we arrived back at RMH, therapy dogs were visiting.  We enjoyed seeing them.  It was almost bedtime and Kayson needed a bath before surgery with special soap.  Then everyone got in bed, tomorrow was going too be an early early day!

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