Thursday, June 7, 2018

Kayson Strong as an Eagle ~ surgery day 1 ~ into Dallas

Monday 6-4-18

Since we didn't have to be in Dallas by a specific time, we decided to leave sometime after lunch so Kayson was able to attend a local VBS for one day.  He really loves VBS!  It was super hard to drop him off though!  I know people there and I knew he would do great, he's been to this one the last 2 years or so but still it was hard.  He had a great time!  :)  Kirsten rode in with me to take the boys and Chris was weeding at Meme's when we left and Glenn was running get ready for Dallas errands so we had Kalani too.  So I decided to take my girls to IHOP for breakfast.  Yum!  :)  When we got home, Chris was home from his weeding and we had just enough time to watch one Criminal Minds before heading in for the younger boys.  Then Chris decided to ride in with us and Glenn was still in town so we picked them up and met him for lunch at Five Guys, we all love that place!  I took the younger four home after that and Glenn ran to walmart with the teens to get them some last minute necessities for their summer youth trip.  We decided we better pack now and get headed to our hotel in Dallas, RMH was full.  We left about 4.  RAIN????  Where did that come from?  A Buccees stop, of course!  lol  Then a stop at Best Buy bc baby boy needed new headphones.  He accidentally pulled the ear part off his others and was using Keegan's but the ear pads had come off of those and I didn't really like just plastic covering his ears.  His daddy ran in and found him some Incredibles 2 ones and he was so excited to get them!  We made it to the hotel, ordered pizza, watched Kubo, well they did, I took a bath, lol.  BEDTIME!  Early pre op appts in the am!  :-o

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