Friday, July 28, 2017

truth speakers

Do you have people who can speak the truth in love to you?  This is more of an introspective question.  I'll just share a few thoughts.  There are a few people who can speak truth to me and I don't feel immediately defensive (It may shock you, but this can be a thing with me!  :-/ ).  Trust me, these are few, lol.  I think one key is how they speak truth.  Those words "in love"!  not in anger, not with any malice or disgust or judgement, but in love.  Truth is so very important, truth is always the best option but there is a right and wrong way to speak it and present it.  We do have to watch our own hearts and motives and keep close to God in prayer and ask His guidance for when and where and how we are to speak truth and also if we are the ones to speak it.  Sometimes He has someone else planned to speak that truth and thats ok.  He knows people and situations better then we do.

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