Saturday, September 16, 2017


How can we live transparently so others can see God clearly?  The short easy answer = share yourself!  A few thoughts and questions that I've had over the years......  How can we show others who are hurting and confused that God cares and loves them and wants to help them if we always act like we are so perfect all the time???  If we never admit that we too hurt, that we get confused, have bad attitudes (sometimes more often than good :-/ lol), that we fall short all too often and therefore we need a savior, we need God and His love and grace abounding in our lives then how can we show His light to others who are feeling the same.  How can they understand that He can break through all the mess and really find them and really love them if they see us acting like we have to be something else before even coming to Him???  Life is hard, I have issues and struggles and have been through rough things and I don't try to hide them.  I look at my happy, pretty well adjusted mostly (I think) precious babies and see God's grace shine through!  They've seen so much hard the last few years yet they still believe in God, they still love God, they shine wherever they are (people tell me how much they love my babies).  That's God!  That's His grace, nothing more or less, there's no other way but GOD!

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