Thursday, June 29, 2017


Fellowship is sharing our life together.  The ups and downs, goods and bads.  We were made for fellowship, made for each other.  We long for understanding and friendship.  There should be no judgement in fellowship.  I think that there are lots of different types, friendship being the main one.  I thought I would share some examples and ways I receive and try to give it in my own life.  The obvious would be church!  :)  love our church and the people.  The acceptance and love for us is so amazing and healing and I am so grateful to know and share life with them!  :)  Another example would be in my homeschool group, we enjoy chilling at park days.  As a family we enjoy playing games and watching movies together.  I'm sure there's more.  Sometimes I don't feel like people-ing but when I do I am blessed by them.  Sometimes its hard to get everyone out and deal with the anxiety that goes along with it but that's not where we are supposed to stay,  It's good to reach out of that comfort zone and let God bring others into your life.  :)

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