Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Homeschool day # 24 (2014/2015 school year)

Stayed up late last night watching Criminal Minds.  We are trying to finish the last season before the new one starts!  :)  So I had trouble waking up but did get up and tried to take a walk, had to turn around at a spider web with a big spider in it!!!  Oh, how those things scare me!  Today was NED day.  (No Electronic Devices day).  No TV, no DS, no iPad.  The Littles were outside after Bible before breakfast.  Then the older three were working on school, ugh I have a slight headache but the two littles were back out, one of them dressed as Mario!  Finally, last weeks school was complete! Woohoo!  My headache was worse but I had packets for this week made before lunch which we ate together as a family at the table!  :)  After lunch I took ibuprofen (I had already applied oils more than once!  Love my oils but this was an ibuprofen headache!)  and went to bed.  I thought I would just lay there and rest for a little bit while the meds kicked in before Glenn left for work.  As Honey was saying goodbye, Kayson fell out of his high chair!  bonked his head pretty good!  These boys scare me sometimes!  Tonight we decided to go to church, the kids had started asking about going on wed. nights.  They really enjoy this church.  Kayson chose to wear mismatched shoes, not a battle I felt like fighting!  lol.  Glenn got to meet us at the church for dinner.  We love grabbing those moments with him.  :)  The kids enjoyed their classes:  The olders are together and tonight was service night so they went somewhere and helped make bags of food to hand out to those who need it.  This was a stretch for me, letting them go.  Then they were later getting back and I was having to tell myself all was fine as I'm sitting in the hallway trying unsuccessfully to keep three littles boys calm!  Cayden loved his class after he decided it was ok to stay!  He's 8!  He's the one so unsure of the new classes but he was also one of the ones asking to come!  Silly boy but he really enjoyed and wants to go back.  :)  The two littles are in class together too and they had a good time.  I decided to join the ladies class.  They are Starting a Beth Moore Bible Study.  Wow, its been a few years since I did one! This will be my second time through Breaking Free.  Now we are home.  Kiddos are in bed, the house is quiet, after this I think I will crochet on Christmas gifts.  I cannot elaborate on the gifts as I want them to be surprises and my daughter now reads my blog.  Hi, Kirsten!  :)

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