Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas at Meme and Papa's (finally!) :)

Sorry to all my faithful followers (haha) that I have neglected to write for so long. I just know you have been anxioulsy awaiting my next blog entry! lol As I sit here at my Meme and Papa's house in their back room and I am surrounded by my sleeping family, I find myself not sleeping and I keep thinking that it has been way too long since I typed a blog. So, I thought I would fix that. I think my babies have officially recieved their last Christmas gift for the 2012 season! They opened their gifts from Meme and Papa today, Hello Kitty headphones (the kind that cover your whole ear!), more Star Wars fighter pods, a drawing board that glows, a circus DS game and bowling bugs with an elephant flashlight. Everyone was finally well enough to get together! We all love coming in to see Meme and Papa. They are such special people. I got to share what I am learning about essential oils and Roseanne came over after everyone had left and we talked about crocheting and she showed me some new things and was showing me how to read a pattern (I might need another lesson in that!) The babies got a box of hand-me-down toys and that kept them busy for hours! Papa just loved the boys monkey PJs. I love to see them all matching! That would be thanx to my Mama! :) I know this is sort of scattered, I'm pretty tired but just not sleeping. The babies also showed off their scentsy buddys. We had a lunch with enchiladas (2 kinds) and guacamole and queso and chips and ranch dip and meatballs. Tomorrow we will head home after church at Meme and Papa's church and lunch somewhere. The babies enjoyed seeing their cousins? (what would you call my cousin's children to my children? and is it wrong to just tell my babies to call my cousins aunt?) Totally random thought here, The yarn I am currently crocheting into a scarf right now is purple and really should smell like grapes or lavender! lol Oh, yea we had a discussion about texting acronyms. Oh, yea, I totally didn't mention about stopping at Texas Best Smokehouse on the way here for lunch, Mmmm, that was so good!!The babies really enjoyed spending more Christmas $. The littles bought these long stuffed snakes, Kayson's has a rattle in the tail! Along with some little figures (pooh and toy story) and Cayden got some tin toys (a little crank music tin and an airplane). Chris got a bunch of $5 items, a battleship (offbrand) travel game, finger lights, magnet rocks and a new joke book (just what he needs, another joke book! lol). Kirsten got a stuffed really cute pink patchwork little horse, some pretty rocks and a bag of sunflower seeds! :) I think they have had a really great weekend! I love my babies!

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