Thursday, August 9, 2012

You Are God You Are Lord

God You are Lord
You made me.
You made the earth.
You saved me
And lifted me up
When I was weak and failing.
I was falling
And You raised me.
When I tripped
You caught me.

You are God you are Lord.
I called unto you
And you heard me
I cried out
And you answered me

You are God you are Lord.
You died for me when I was lost.
But I am now found.
I am now strong and prosperous.
And I'm rising up instead of falling.
Thanks to that day I found you.

God you are God you are Lord.
Praise your magnificent and powerful nam.
I love the way it comes out of my mouth
And the way it sounds on my lips.
You are God you are Lord.

By: Kirsten Derr

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