Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Mother's Day post

Happy Mother's Day!  I love being a mother.  I started out the day somewhat discouraged as I've been sick and Kayson and needed to stay home from church.  I really miss our church family when I don't make it to church.  So I must confess to starting the day with well, not the best attitude ever, lol.  After my family made it home from church and gave me their thoughtful home/church made gifts that almost made me cry and brought home burgers from Five Guys and sweet tea from Chicken Express and my daddy brought me a Starbucks card and we have an afternoon plan even though my man is working.  We are going to watch Mom's Night Out and we've had laughs together and my baby girl was so glad to see me, she missed me, I guess she really does love me!  :)  and as I look around at those I helped bring into this world, I am awed and overcome with love and thankfulness!  No room for aforementioned bad mood to stick around!  I feel so much better!  :)  Now to go and watch a movie and eat some chocolate!  :)  May you have a blessed day with your loved ones!  Happy Mother's Day!  :)

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