Friday, February 12, 2016

camping day 4, 11-24-15

Oh my, why do we always wake up so EARLY while camping?!?  lol, seems we are almost always just about up with the sun!  ALL of us!  Maybe its the close quarters, or that more sun shines in or that we are just excited to be out in nature or perhaps we sleep better bc we are more relaxed and need less.  I don't know what it is but I know it is!  lol  Pancakes for breakfast this day.  Daddy makes the pancakes!  He's the pancake maker!  :)  Keegan asked, "Can I go out in the wild and find some leaves and stuff?  I know my way back."  I love how much my babies love the outside when we are camping.  At home sometimes its so easy to just stay in, camping kind of forces us to really get in touch with the outdoors and we all really enjoy that!  I feel closer to my family to while we are out there.  We can really just focus on us and its great!  We ate lunch outside.  Enjoyed a game of Apples to Apples (we played it backwards) with the olders while the littles played at the playground.  Then Glenn took the older ones on a bike ride to the nearest convenience store to pick up marshmallows that someone forgot to buy!  Isn't that a camping necessity?!  How in the world did I forget those?  I did though!  but o-well they got a good memory out of it!  :)  Then there was cooking dinner and of course some country music to help with the cooking!  Dessert of course was roasted marshmallows.  I like mine burned!  :)

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