Wednesday, February 10, 2016

camping day 3 , 11-23-15

oops, I forgot to finish blogging our camping trip!  lol, Let's see what I can remember (I took a few notes, so I have a little help!)  We all played with a play dough set we won from Toys R Us.  The littles were super excited and kept calling it play doh land or world!  lol.  I had forgotten how much I like play doh.  lol  This trip, Kayson discovered his shadow!  He was talking to it and trying not to walk on it and wondering where it went at night!  We enjoyed dinner outside by the fire and then I did some crocheting for Christmas.  I love sitting by a campfire and being in nature.  The people just across the road from our campsite put up a big white sheet and projected a movie onto it.  That was neat!  We could sit at our campfire and see it and even hear if we were real quiet.  :)

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