Tuesday, November 24, 2015

camping day 1, 11-21-15

Here's a few highlights from our first day, in no particular order.  lol  Daddy stayed at the campsite with the babies while Glenn and I ran into Walmart.  I had forgot some "necessities" in our fridge at home, ketchup and ranch among them.  I know there are those that would disagree but with four boys in a small space we find a TV and DVD player a necessity so when the RV DVD player went out  we felt it was a necessity to drive to walmart instead of the closest convenience store!  :)  Daddy took the babies for a bike ride while we were gone and then we got a call as we were checking out that we needed a better collar for Willow bc she had got loose and went for a swim and it took them 20 min to catch her!!!  So Glenn found a harness that we thought would work!  Well after we were back and she had it on, she got loose again!  So Glenn tightened the harness.  There are lots of deer out here.  they are such pretty creatures!  We took a nature walk and saw the lake, collected acorns, took pics, threw acorns at each other, saw the pelicans.  I just love being out here.  Oh, and the power was out for a few hours and my phone needed charged so my daddy let me use his portable charger thing, that was really cool!  now I want one!  :)  After the walk, before dinner my daddy roasted acorns just bc, they got real shiny before cracking open.  The kids really thought watching them roast was neat!    After dinner we had game night with Golf, Apples to Apples and Jiffy Pop as a snack.  The littles really thought the Jiffy Pop was neat, it was their first time to see it!  :)

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