Wednesday, October 1, 2014

a few days

As I sit here waiting on Kayson to fall asleep while listening to the Frozen soundtrack (every night!!!) I think I will write a few highlights of the last few days.  Mondays are gymnastics class and the babies are loving it!  The older two have no problems though telling me how much pain they are in the next day!  I'm all like well, its good for you!  lol  :)  Then we ran by the library, they also love the library!  I love that they love to read.  Cayden found a few books to buy with bday money, they have some for sale at the front.  A little side note here, we do not like the current decorations at the library!  I have heard they plan on decorating more for October.  Looks like we will be avoiding the library till next month!!! Then we ran by Sams to pick up bacon for lunch.  Glenn likes having those mornings to himself.  It's his only day off.  That night we went to our first care group meeting at the church.  It was good.  We are enjoying meeting new people.  Yes, I still have panic attacks before church bc it still feels new.  I am still scared, scared something will happen and they will all hate me. I do not believe this but it is how I feel!  Everyone has been wonderful and so sweet and so accepting!  EVERYONE!!!  Even when a boy showed up in house shoes with a monkey on his hand and proceeded to throw said monkey in the trash!  Someone even found me a kroger bag to put the rescued monkey in till he could get washed!  lol  Oh no, I think he is still out in Silver, oops!  In fact Silver needs cleaned out!  Then we had school the last two days and we will school tomorrow!  I usually love morning walks but this particular morning I saw4 spiders!!!  I seriously dislike spiders, like so scared of them!  CREEPY!  Other than the spiders it was so peaceful, cool, falling leaves, chirping birds, even a woodpecker!  This morning at breakfast I was making a big deal out of popping the biscuit cans.  I really don't like the pop!  I never have!  It's just a thing I have, sigh!  lol, so Kirsten volunteered to pop the last can for me and used her fingernails to put pressure on the seam as I am backing away from the pop and she was all like, "It's just a pop!  It's not a bomb!"  :)  Then we are sitting at the breakfast table and the boys are saying' "Bee-do, bee-do, bee-do"  This conversations follows:  Cayden, "thats what minions do to the fire"  Glenn, "I don't see you purple or yellow"  Cayden, (matter of factly), "Its just for fun"  Kirsten, "I don't see fire"  lol  Yesterday, Honey cooked dinner!  :D  We watched Honey I Shrunk the Kids, our babies loved it!  Tonight we had church.  I am so glad that the babies love it so much!  They ask to go.  They have friends there.  It's great.  On the way home, you know the lllllllooooooonnnnnnggggg drive home!  lol, Cayden says, "When will we be home?"  Kirsten replies, "When the trees stop moving!"  and then I hear Keegan, "Are we there yet?"  Oh, my!  One would think we live hours from church!  Last night we finished watching the last season of Criminal Minds so we would be prepared for the start of the new season tonight!  I am soooooooo excited!  Now, Glenn is home from work and we can watch it!  WooHoo!  On that note, goodnight!  :)

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