Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Keegan!

My precious Keeegan, how I miss thee! I hope you are getting better under Marmie's care, there is a piece of me missing without you here with us. I didn't get to go to church tonight bc Cayden is sleeping so I thought I would write to you. You have so much passion and I just love your smile. I hope I don't start crying while I type. I love your hair! I know some people want me to cut it, but I love it! especially how it curls when it gets wet. so cute! Sometimes I wish I could see in your brain, what you're thinking! like why do you call Kirsten "Dorothy"? You can say Kirsten and you used to call her Mimi! the only place I can think of that you have heard that name is wiggles but I can't figure out why you would associate your sister with a green dinosaur! ha! I was so scared when we couldn't get your temp to stay down and had to take you to the ER. I am so glad we didn't wait! when I think about what could've happened, it just scares me to pieces! We chose you're name for you bc it means fiery, passionate and you are! I know you love Kayson but he ix very sensitive and just doesn't ike to be yelled at right in his face, I know you are just playing but it scares him! I was just thinking if you were here at camp with us, we would have probably already had you at the nurses station for rolling down the hill on the way to our cabin! You would've needed your monkey on just to walk from the cabin and back! I pray protection over you and that you would learn some caution (without any serious side effects!). It really scared me to hear how you jumped in the pool without a floaty on! I am so glad Chris was there to save you and that he moved quickly! I pray next time you wait for a floaty and for mama or daddy! We first heard your name in the movie No More Baths and loved it. Your middle name is after your Uncle Kelly. Sean, just spelled different than his but y'all both have the same initials. I think that is neat! I love you baby boy! love your mama!

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