Monday, July 29, 2013

Crazy Busy Part 3

Mon, June 3rd, It’s a good thing I took some notes about our crazy busy-ness and what I wanted to type about to remember bc as I sit here almost 2 months after to finally write more about it, I probably would have forgot everything! lol Things still feel crazy! By the grace of God we are making it through this summer but more about all that later. I do remember the days to type about but my brief one or two word notes on an index card do help. So, here starts the next week I need to tell you about. I took Kirsten to her check up at the doc this am. They asked several times about the HPV vaccine, I kept saying no, they kept saying think about it. Well, I’ve thought about it, the answer is still NO!!! This evening officially marked the end of baseball season with awards ceremonies and an end of season party for one child. Cayden had his awards ceremony first. It was so cute and all the little ones were so excited to get their trophies. Then we hurried over to Cayden’s end of season party. On the way I checked FB on my phone and found out that Glenn’s Uncle Henry died. Kirsten cried the whole way through the party. We were all very sad. Then we had to hurry back to the ball field for Chris’s awards ceremony. He enjoyed receiving his medal. Tues, June 4th, Glenn had his state test, we were all praying hard for him! He passed with flying colors! ☺ Mama invited us to meet her for lunch at McDonald’s in Marshall but she didn’t know exactly the time so I drove in and took the kiddos to the park while waiting for her call. After lunch we stopped by Hope’s Closet. I love that place! Found some great deals. That evening Glenn took Chris to his end of season party. It was a swim party at one of his team member’s houses. Wed, June 5th, I took all the babies to their dental check ups in Tyler all by myself! I had my boys in matching Longhorns shirts. ☺ After I took them to Chick-Fil-A as a treat. That evening Mom and I with all the babies ran up to Burke’s to look for shirts for Glenn to wear under his uniform. Then we headed home to eat sandwiches from Texas Best that the men had picked up on their way home. Thurs, June 6th, The day starts out with Glenn’s commissioning. I got to pin him! I was honored. My sis and her fam even came. We went to Jack in the Box and then to Mardel’s. We had time to kill bc we needed to stay in town till my mama’s appt. I left the babies with her at Mardel’s to run Glenn some lunch. When I returned to Mardel’s, my mama said Kayson wasn’t acting like he felt well. ☹ We still had some time to kill though so we headed to Hope’s Closet, after sending Keegan and Kayson with my sis bc they were keeping them for the weekend while went to Uncle Henry’s funeral. Kayson slept in his stroller while we were in Hope’s Closet. I noticed his breathing change right before he woke up, felt his head, he was burning HOT!!! So I dropped Mama at her appt and took him to the city employee’s clinic. They sent us to the diagnostic clinic for a chest xray bc he had been congested and prescribed him some antibiotics although they said his chest, throat and ears were all clear. It was such a long day! The dryer was still broke! We also found out that my Meme and Papa got a contract on their house that evening and were one step closer to being out here with us! ☺ Next post will commence with our weekend trip to Edinburg.

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