Monday, June 10, 2013

Crazy Busy Part 1

We have been so crazy busy the past few weeks! I feel so out of touch with my mommy friends. I am missing my home time and I can tell a difference in the babies’ attitudes. We really value time to just be home. So, I thought I would share an overview of our past few weeks. I bet this takes more than one post. lol. I’ll start with the weekend of Mother’s day. We went to Texarkana for Ladies’ night out that Sat and Mother’s day that Sun. On the way home we were discussing Chris’s 11th birthday the next weekend and decided camping would be a good idea. So camping we went the weekend of the 19th. Fast forward to the next Sun and it found us in Texarkana again for my sis’s birthday! ☺ Since the next day was a holiday (memorial day) and they were going to head our way to celebrate, Kirsten spent the night with Elizabeth. Mon, May27th, Memorial day, family time, dryer dies! Tues, May 28th, I take the kiddos into town for storytime and shopping for their daddy. Yes, I braved the mall by myself with all 5! The boys actually acted like decent human beings, we found bday and graduation gifts and made it out in record time! PTL! ☺ Then we tried to get some school done and there was baseball practice. Wed, May 29th, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY! School in am, Kayson did stick painting. Left the house for an appointment, got that done. Decided to drive through Sonic for lunch, took them forever to get our food to us and then when the kid’s meals came out they all had Wonder Woman headbands in them! Now, my boys like superheros and they don’t mind Wonder Woman, if it had been just a Wonder Woman toy they would have been fine with that but you should have heard them when they discovered the Wonder Woman headband! They did NOT want to pretend to be Wonder Woman!! lol So My mom pages Sonic back and asks for different toys for the boys and they bring them Flash headbands! Awww….the boys were much happier! ☺ However, one of the boys Wonder Woman headbands had already been opened so I thought well Kayson is too small to really notice anyways so he will just keep it. Well, he was so excited about his “woman”! He would say, “My woman” and put it on. Then he dropped it and he said, “My woman! My woman fall!” We were laughing so hard! Then we headed to The Institute for Healthy Living to tour and join. We are members for a year and excited to start going. The facility is so nice! ☺ Then we made a quick trip to Kroger, met the guys at home and headed to China King for Honey’s bday dinner. After that it was off to a baseball game! Thurs, May 30th, We had a much, much, much needed day off! I can't even remember if we even accomplished anything on this day. We just sord of crashed! And thus we conclude part one of this crazy busy-ness. More details to follow in the next post. The next post will resume with Glenn's graduation from Police Academy! :)

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