Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Weekend

So I feel this need to update my blog bc I haven't written in, oh, say, forever, well, at least a month and I have no idea what to write about. I just wait till I have some awesome inspiration, or do I just write something so all my adoring fans (yea, right! lol) aren't waiting on pins and needles for my next post? I guess I will tell you some about our weekend. I'll start with Friday. I took the babies to story time at the Knowledge Nook. They learned about animals, sang Old McDonald with animal puppets and made an animal necklace. Then we headed to Dairy Queen for lunch and to meet some friends for park day. We love friend time! :) They even got to enjoy an ice cream, yea for kid's meals! Sat morn I finally got my winter clothes put away and my summer ones out! Yea, Everyone's clothes are finally done! (Well, everyone's I am responsible for! Glenn takes care of his own!) Now someone just needs to take the barrels out to the shed. :) Then after lunch we headed to Texarkana so Kirsten and I could attend Ladies Night Out at my sister's church. Kirsten was so excited to get to be in the fashion show and Keegan was so excited to see his cousin Bubba. A fun time was had by all! I even got to be the event photographer! Yea, me! Someday I am going to have a better camera! I have one in mind but I don't have the money. Some people would say I shouldn't admit that on a public blog but the truth is the truth and that is why I don't have a more professional camera. I do not want to sound ungrateful, I love and enjoy my current camera and get some excellent pics with it. Afterwards mom and I headed to Kohl's to take advantage of a sale and buy Kirsten some necessities. When we got back to my sisters house I had the worst headache in years. I haven't had a migraine since I was healed of them when I was 18 but that is most definitely what this felt like!! Took something for the pain, my sis got me a cool cloth for my head and I tried to sleep. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Kirsten gave me some Bath and Body Works lotions she had bought for me with her own $, such a sweet girl! Glenn showed me a picture of a necklace he had bought me but still hasn't come in the mail yet. They say it is on its way! :) The boys, of course, had to be reminded to tell me Happy Mother's Day! lol I still had a slight tinge of a headache but I was functional and thankful for that! Church was good, although the diaper bag got left at my sis's house and Glenn had to go back and get it in the middle of service bc Kayson decided that would be an appropriate time to need a change! I got two roses and handmade necklaces. We also took some family pics at the homemade photo booth that they left up from Ladies Night. My daddy had been in the Metroplex helping my grandparents all weekend and surprised my mama by showing up for lunch at my sis's house with the trailer on hooked to his truck so he could haul my mama's van home and she wouldn't have to drive! Yep, that's how we roll! :) After lunch we all headed back to our property, even my sis and her fam came out for a few hours. The cousins got to play outside, the adults (minus my mama) had fun playing Golf (the card game). Glenn won, sure seems wrong that one of the mamas didn't win considering it was our day and all! lol :) Then came Monday. I was sooooo sick Monday. My tummy hurt so bad, I didn't even make it out of bed! So glad Kirsten is old enough to turn on TV and make sandwiches for lunch! So glad my mama is right next door and can be called when needed! I didn't make it to Chris's game that night but was told he got to play the whole game bc some boys were missing, I am sad the boys had to miss but glad Chris got to play so much and sad bc I missed it. By Tuesday I was feeling a lot better but still not fully well. I am glad that is past! Today the babies enjoyed a visit from their Uncle Kelly! They love him so much! :) Now I sit here holding my finally sleeping baby. I should be going to bed but I sit here watching the radar, praying that these storms dissipate as I type this left-handed bc he is laying on my right arm!