Saturday, April 13, 2013

last week was certainly an adventure!

Sun. - Easter - We were camping,woke up to storms! We opened baskets, made resurrection rolls, got ready for church, took family pics, went to church, went to lunch at this horrible place! We tried this new place and the service was horrible 'cept this one lady was real nice, they were out of everything, the meat was full of fat, they actually served us 2 pieces that had so much fat you couldn't eat it at all, disgusting! Afterwards, it had stopped raining and the sun was shining so back to the campsite we went for our family egg hunts, 2 of them! My sis brought a chocolate cake with peeps on it for desert, yum! :) Then while we were sitting there the air got all yellowy hazy and you could just see the pollen in the air, the cars were yellower than I have seen them all season and they had just been cleaned by the rain! We even saw a puff of pollen coming out of tree. There was even pollen in our hair. Then it was time to head home. Once we go to Noonday we started seeing several big branches and even trees down everywhere. Must have been quite a storm that came through while we were gone! Get home with everyone in desperate need of baths cause of the pollen only to discover that the power had been out earlier and we have no water! After the guys get the water back on Glenn had to run the water for awhile to get all the dirt out and ready for baths. We got everyone clean and in bed, HAPPY EASTER! :)

Mon. - I decided we were going to focus on math for school this day. I realize Cayden has an eye doc appt this morning and think it would be a good opportunity to run by the Hope's closets while in town. Mama keeps Kayson, Keegan and Kirsten to help with the little ones and I head to into town with Cayden and Chris. After waiting 2 hours at the eye doc we leave with good news, Cayden does not have to patch for the next 6 months and if his eyes stay even he won't have to patch again! YES!! Then on to the first Hope's Closet where I found some nice long shorts for Kirsten. Then we went to Chick-Fil-A to celebrate The eye appt. Then the other Hope's Closet where I found some nice brand new looking Old Navy jeans for Chris! PTL! Last thing for the day was get Chris to his baseball practice.

Tues. - We worked on Bible in the morning and reading in the afternoon. I was on the phone with my sis that afternoon and realized that my house seemed hot which seemed strange bc the a/c was on so I check the vents and it feels like heat coming out! UGH! Then storms are coming in but Chris still has a game. It surprisingly didn't start storming till after his game. His team won! :) He was so excited!

Wed. - Such a rainy/stormy day but an exciting one. Our 100th day of school this year! So many activities we did involving 100. Had lots of fun! :)

Thurs. - We worked on science and some LA for school. Glenn was coming home sore most of this week from police academy. When he got home this night I was just getting up from a nap and I was like is my shirt wet? Uh oh! Yep, the bed was leaking! Guess we're sleeping at Mama's tonight!

Fri. - More math! I hadn't been sleeping well this week, feeling stressed, forgot to use my lavender oil to help me sleep. My mind was swirling from everything this week, a/c and bed still broken, what's it all going to cost, Glenn needs a new vehicle. Spent the day at Mama's. Then it's early evening and Oh No! Here is Kirsten's friend and her mama to pick Kirsten up to spend the night!! I had totally completely forgot! We get her packed and out the door to have a great time. She is excited! (This is the only friend Kirsten gets to spend the night with, they've known each other since kindergarten.) The rest of us are at Mama's another night!

Sat. - We start the day with Glenn and daddy fixing the bed, looking at the a/c, calling the a/c guy and putting the sprinklers in the garden while I am going through Chris' clothes only to discover that Chris needs more shorts! Then the guys help me plant my rose plant that the babies gave me for Valentine's day that I had been wanting to get in the ground. Then they decide to look at the dryer which had been making this horrible squeaking noise and catching the clothes, leaving marks and holes on some. They get ahold of our appliance guy who gets them the right parts and woohoo our dryer is fixed!! We decide to head into Longview. We pick up Kirsten, then drive around to look at SUVs till dark. Then we head to Target to look for a carseat for Kayson and a highback booster for Keegan. They were out of the carseat we wanted, I think bc it was the cheapest so Glenn had to go back a few days later to get it but we did find a nice booster for Keegan and some cheap shorts for Chris. While Glenn sat in the van with the boys, Kirsten and I ran into Walmart for some groceries for the week. We head home with the knowledge that we will be missing church to wait for the a/c guy which also means one more night at Mama's. $$$ later the a/c was fixed, then Glenn bought one of the SUVs we had seen and a new week was started!! Yep, last week was certainly an adventure! I think I am tired just typing it! Whew!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

100th school day activities 2013

We started the day by walking in place 100 steps, then read Psalm 100. We moved on to a breakfast of oranges, toast and just 100 cereals each. Then I had each child pick up and put away 20 items for a total of 100 items picked up. Kayson's 20, however, consisted of picking up small toys from the Easter hunt and putting them back in his baggie and it was shortly redumped! :-/ Then we read Psalm 119:100, which prompted a brief discussion on what precepts were. Kirsten was sharing the recliner with Keegan when Kayson crawled in her lap and she got the idea that they could rock 100 times, so in climbed Chris and Cayden and they all rocked 100 times! On to writing 100 in shaving cream, then the boys played in it before cleaning it all up, they were even sliding in it bc we did it on the floor, which elicited a lot of be carefuls from me! Cayden had shaving cream from head to toe! :) Handed them all papers and told them to write their names as many times as they could in 100 seconds. I watched the clock. Kirsten wrote hers 25 times, Chris 29, Cayden 7 and started an eighth, Keegan said he wrote his 6 (lol, he just drew a picture, really) and we counted 5 scribbles on Kayson's page. :) Then came 100 jumping jacks, you should of seen us trying to do them and count and stay together! Lunch consisted of mac and cheese, Spam and 100 sunflower kernals each. After lunch we made people 100s. First Cayden was the 1, Kirsten and Kayson made 1 zero, Chris and Keegan the other. Second, Cayden was 1, Kirsten and Chris by themselves were the two zeros. Third, Chris was the 1, while Cayden and Keegan were the zeros. Then we put 100 paperclips together and saw how far they stretched and I made them into a 100. That was neat. Now they are stretched atop our schoolhouse shelf. Then we counted to 100 by 2s, 5s, 10s, 20s, and 25s. Then we counted and lined up 100 pennies. Then I got 100 kisses, 20 from each child! :-* At this point the next few activities were quiet ones and it was rest time so we gathered on our (mama and Daddy's) big bed and listened to the 100th song on my itouch. I had everyone close their eyes and lay very still for 100 seconds. :) long enough for Kayson to fall asleep for his nap! Then we looked at the first 100 photos on the ipad, my itouch and iphone for a total of 300 pics. That was fun bc some of the pics were from around 2 years ago! We got up after that, except a still sleeping Kayson and picked up 100 more items. Then it was time for the 100 lego build. I handed each child a gal baggie with 100 legos and told them to build something. They worked really hard on that! :) Came up with some great and very creative things. Kirsten made a playground, complete with a working swing and armed security! Chris made an inventor's house and could tell me in detail what each invention did. Cayden and Keegan did not use all their legos but they still worked very hard! Kayson sure had fun checking everything out after his nap! Even slid his fingers down Kirsten's slide! He wanted to move Keegan's closer to the others and was so careful picking it up and walking with it, not sure I knew he could be that careful! lol Our last 100 day activity was snack, a vienna sausage for a one and 2 potato chips for zeros. They liked that! lol I think the day was a fun, successful day and I am worn out! We did a lot!